Home doctor — vinegar.

Natural apple vinegar.

Home doctor — vinegar.

Many products has unique healing properties — it is known to all. Often, in order to heal, we do not rush to the pharmacy or clinic and the kitchen.

Almost every «resident» of kitchen shelves, a known skill, able to deliver us from health problems. Is no exception and apple cider vinegar, the product is indispensable not only in cooking but also in the home medicine cabinet. Here are just some examples of its application:

Natural apple vinegar.

• It has long been observed that massage with homemade apple vinegar has toning effect on the muscles and skin, soothes, relieves fatigue, It cures many diseases.

Massage with apple cider vinegar, I do sometimes once or twice a week. First, take a warm shower with soap and sponge, then cold, and after a few minutes surfing water moderately hot.

Then, in a prepared apple cider vinegar solution (per liter of water add 3-4 tablespoons of vinegar) dip the sponge and wipe her entire body, massaging the chest, legs, arms, hips.
Then stand in the bathroom to dry, moisture remnants soak a towel.

• And here’s a tip for those who like to soak in a warm bath. Once in two weeks soak in the bath with the addition of glass cleaner home medical cider vinegar is always nice and helpful.

Water should be warm, but not hot, the bath should not exceed 15-20 minutes. Vinegar tones and strengthens the skin, increases the regeneration, eliminates body odor and kills disease-causing microbes.

• If you want to get rid of dandruff, recommend hair rinse with acidified water (per liter of water 2 tbsp.

Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar) after each shampooing, gently massaging. It helps to restore the acid-alkaline balance, disturbed by any shampoo, and prevents dandruff. In addition, the surprisingly soft hair done and shiny.

• Against roughness hand I mix equal parts of olive oil and apple cider vinegar, obtaining an effective remedy.

After work, before going to bed I’m doing a little massage, rubbing the mixture into the skin. As a result of this treatment, the skin becomes soft, not flaky, does not crack, fade pain syndromes «fatigue.»

• If you sunburn should be rinsed with diluted apple vinegar from a rate of 1: 4, ie to 4 parts water is necessary to take 1 part apple cider vinegar.



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