Household cleansing of the body.


Household cleansing of the body.

I would like to share their way, which for many years helps me to quickly defeat any cold, flu or infection. Have you noticed that when a person gets sick, he did not want to eat? Household cleansing of the body.
Fasting — is the only way to overcome physical suffering. This is a purely animal instinct.

Household cleansing of the body.

But we, the people, so long ago, we live in a comfortable civilization, we have lost this instinct. When we feel bad physically, we do not want to eat.

Food is even repelled, but overcoming their feelings, we make ourselves even have to keep the strength to fight the disease.
And this is actually a gross error. Tell us about your fashion.

For the past ten years, as soon as I start to get sick, I stop to eat and drink — not for long, just for 36 hours. And all my cold go in just 2-3 days.

In fact it’s very simple. Indeed, during sickness and so it is not desirable. Usually the first symptoms begin to feel more in the evening. In this case, my last meal — a dinner.

Household cleansing of the body.

At night, it is necessary to do an enema with 1.5-2 liters of water. To clean the intestines and avoid unnecessary intoxication. Waking up in the morning, I rest up in bed, without taking into the mouth a drop of water and no food crumbs. You could ask the question «Why?». Let me explain.

When a person falls ill, his body being introduced alien germs and bacteria, and to cope with them, the body has to develop antibodies. Head of the elaboration of most of the liver, but it is also engaged in food processing. And accordingly, if given the liver quietly, without being distracted to develop antibodies, it will happen much faster.

And it is necessary to eliminate the fluid because it is the building material for the virus. Thus, hunger relieve your body, gives him the ability to quickly cope with the disease.

In fact, the effect you’ll notice pretty quickly — as early as 17-18 hours the temperature begins to fall. However, at the same time it wakes up the appetite, but there is in any case it is not necessary — the temperature rises again.

In the evening, go to sleep and rest assured that in the morning your body will find the necessary antibodies and start to destroy viruses, and that’s when it will need more water. Throughout the day you need to drink warm, it can be fruit drinks, juice, warm herbal tea, such as chamomile, sage, yarrow.

And yet, the first meal in the morning should be as easy as possible: mashed potatoes with vegetable oil or oatmeal on the water with raisins, dried bread and tea. That’s all my secret.

To some it will seem not only unusual and even dangerous — people we are afraid of hunger. But in fact, a day — it’s not hungry, you just stop the process of digestion. In your gastrointestinal tract complete nutrient obtained previously. You miss all 3 meals. This method is widely used even in traditional medicine, it is called — unloading diet therapy.

There is no danger to the human body, he is not and can not represent, and here are the benefits of a large.
I sincerely wish all get sick less often and quickly treated!


Household cleansing of the body.

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