How to beat asthma.

How to beat asthma.

I’ve been allergic since childhood, and I used to get rashes on my skin from time to time. Back then, I wasn’t I didn’t get much treatment, only tavegil and suprastin to relieve my exacerbations.

But by the time I was 20, the rashes kind of stopped, and then the asthma came. And gradually the attacks began to happen more and more often.

That’s when I decided to try a folk recipe.

The recipe is as follows: a liter jar of oat grains, pour 2 liters of water and boil for 4 hours over low heat, then cool and strain.
Then pulverize the aloe leaves through a meat grinder so that the green mass was 400 g.

Prepare a decoction of 2 cups of water and take 2 tablespoons each of birch leaves, thyme and raspberry. Infuse for 10 minutes, strain and mix with oat broth and aloe.

Add a glass of honey, a glass of red wine, 100 grams of alcohol, 200 grams of butter.

You will get about 2 liters of medicine, store it in the refrigerator and take warmed — a day 3-4 tablespoons of the mixture, and when feeling unwell and the whole glass.

I have to be honest with you, my mother made the formula, and I just followed her recommendations. Now I can tell you all — this recipe works.

But not enough to just drink the cure and forget about the disease, to really stop the asthma, you must necessarily engage in breathing exercises.

This told me a pulmonologist, to whom I went for a consultation. You can go to an asthma school in your city and learn how to do the right exercises there.

And if you can’t, try this exercise every day in the morning.

Do a long, deep breath with your nose and abdomen for 10 seconds, then hold your breath for 10 seconds and slowly exhale the air.

Repeat this cycle for 10 minutes. At first it will be difficult, you may even feel worse, but in time the discomfort will disappear and you will feel a burst of energy.

Try to take my advice, don’t start your asthma!

How do I treat bronchitis?

Here are a few ways to treat a disease like bronchitis:

— When treating bronchitis, heat vegetable oil in a frying pan or saucepan. Oil (only not refined), moisten the cloth, squeeze it out and put it on your back. Cover With cellophane oilcloth and wrap up warmly on top.

It is better to do such a procedure at night, until morning, but you can also take the bandage off at night. It is important to repeat the treatment at least 3 times.

— A good help and compress of cottage cheese. Heat cottage cheese a little, you can add honey, put it on the back, wrap warmly.

— You can also mix 50 grams of grated horseradish and the juice of 2-3 lemons. Take 1 tsp. In the morning until noon.

— Mix 5 grated lemons with peel and 4 grated garlic heads, pour 1 liter of cold boiled water, infuse for 5 days. Take an infusion of 1 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day for 20 minutes before a meal.

Effective in bronchitis and inflammation of the lungs as a resolving agent.

— Very useful aniseed with honey.

2 tablespoons of anise seeds should be mixed with 1 tsp. honey, a pinch of salt, add a glass of boiling water. The drug should be drunk warm, 2 tablespoons every two hours.

— And, of course, the well-known juice of radish. It can be used with the juice of fresh carrots and honey 2 tsp. 3-4 times a day before meals.

How to beat asthma.

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