How to beat sickness and cold.

Cold water cure.

How to beat sickness and cold.

And it is simple, just need to have warm water and a desire to be cured. In the morning, during washing, you need to type in the palm of warm water and inhale a small amount of it in one nostril. After that, well to blow his nose.

The same procedure was repeated for the other nostril. That’s it — simple and absolutely harmless exercise. Can repeat it several times a day (depending on the intensity of the common cold), but after the first time you feel a significant relief.

How to beat sickness and cold.

And during the procedure within three days of a runny nose completely disappears again and you are full of strength and energy, and nothing prevents you to live and enjoy life.

You will be able to completely forget about the handkerchiefs and nasal voice. I checked the recipe several times on itself and relatives.

In India, this method for a long time it is known, however, the water they add a few drops of broth of some herbs.
I would hope that my prescription benefit many people.

How to beat sickness and cold. Healing tea for cough.

Cough can be caused by completely different reasons, and with any kind of it is easily treatable if you use a special tea. In order to make this beautiful antitussive drink need to mix 1 tbsp. a spoonful of marshmallow root, ½ st. tablespoons licorice, ½ st. spoon ulcer and as much aniseed.

Boil 1 tbsp. a spoonful of this mixture in a glass of boiling water. Drinking tea is necessary during the day, lightly sweetened it with honey. The course of treatment lasts exactly as long as you will be kept coughing. And believe me, no pills and potions will not be able to cope with the disease faster and better than my prescription.


How to beat sickness and cold.

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