How to clean pores on the face.

How to clean pores on the face.

How to clean pores on the face. Clogged pores are a problem that sooner or later every woman faces. The consequences of the defect — a dull complexion, untidy looking skin, the development of inflammatory processes.

For cleaning, it is not necessary to go to the salon or purchase expensive cosmetic products — self-prepared products will effectively and carefully remove the contents of the pores. The results of regular use of simple masks at home — a clean face, shining with freshness.

How to clean the pores on the nose

It often happens that only clogged pores on the nose are disturbing, in such cases it is better to use a simple scrub to remove dirt.

It’s easy to cook it:
1. At room temperature, leave the cream for half an hour (20 ml).
2. Add 15 grams to the dairy product. coffee grounds, salt.
3. Stir the composition, use immediately.

With your fingertips, spread the cooked product over the nose, hold a light massage for 1-3 minutes. Do not use force — salt crystals or coffee particles can injure skin tissue or cause irritation. Remove after a minute using a cotton pad and water. It is forbidden to use the product if inflammatory processes occur on the nose — the use of scrub can contribute to the spread of infection.

Clogged pores on the nose can be cleaned with a mask based on oatmeal. Such a composition is recommended for women with depleted dermis — at the same time as removing the contaminants of the epidermal tissue, they will receive the necessary portion of nutrients.

1. Grind oatmeal in a coffee grinder (20 gr.).
2. Pour oat powder for swelling with warm water (a quarter of an hour is enough). For dry skin, it is better to take cream or kefir.
3. Stir the product until smooth.

Massaging movements apply the composition to the nose, distribute in an even layer. Leave on for 10 minutes. Remove with a disc from cotton wool, wash with water or herbal infusion (20 grams of chamomile or linden flowers brew 230 ml of boiling water). With sensitive skin, it is better to use a herbal remedy — it perfectly tones and relieves irritation.

Pore ​​Cleansing Mask

Before you start cleansing with masks, you need to understand why pores get clogged — it often happens that the reason lies in improper care or poor-quality cosmetics. It is enough to strictly follow all the recommendations of cosmetologists on cleansing the face or replace cosmetics to forget about the problem.
One of the requirements of specialists is the regular use of cleansing masks. There are many recipes for the preparation of compounds, you can alternate them — this will determine which composition is ideally suited individually.

Milk, Gelatin

An excellent mask for all skin types — does not cause irritation, quickly removing contents from the pores. Before opening the blockage, it is recommended to carry out a steam procedure — hold your face for a minute over a pair of herbal decoction (brew 30 grams of chamomile or plantain with a liter of boiling water). After such manipulations, even the most persistent contaminants will be completely removed.

1. Mix in a small container gelatin (25 g.) And skim milk (20 ml).
2. Put the mixture in the microwave to the maximum mode to dissolve the gelatin granules in just 10 seconds.
3. Get the composition, put to cool.
4. Add the crushed egg white to a slightly warm liquid.

Distribute the warm mixture with a wide brush over the skin, pay special attention to the areas of the chin, nose, forehead. It is better not to apply the product near the eyes or lips — on a delicate skin a gelatinous mass can provoke the appearance of small wrinkles. After a quarter of an hour, the composition will turn into a dense film on which black dots, dirt, grease spots will remain upon removal.

Yeast, peroxide, milk

Clogging is not always served with gentle home remedies, especially if grease and dirt are deep. In such cases, it is recommended to carry out cleaning using a mask based on yeast — the product will remove strong impurities that are not amenable to other masks.

1. Dissolve the pressed yeast (15 g) in warm milk (15 ml).
2. Add peroxide (10 ml) to the mixture.

3. Leave for a quarter of an hour.
The mixture is quite liquid, so it is better to distribute it with a cotton pad or a special brush. Leave for half an hour. Remove with herbal infusion or water. Be sure to apply a nourishing cream — the yeast mixture dries the skin and can provoke peeling, especially on a dry dermis.

Cornmeal, cucumbers

For enlarged pores, clogged with grease and dirt, it is recommended to use a corn-cucumber mask. The tool will not only remove the contents, but with regular use it will narrow the pores, improve the shade of the skin, and normalize the sebaceous glands.

1. Grind one small cucumber, squeeze the juice.
2. Add corn flour to the cucumber juice, the mixture should resemble a semi-liquid dough (like pancakes).
3. Use immediately, no need to insist.

Before you open the composition of the pores and remove the contents, it is recommended to conduct steaming. Apply cucumber with massaging light movements, leave for 20-22 minutes. Rinse off with warm water.

Clogged pores on the face

Often on the network you can see how clogged pores look, the photo is rather unattractive, therefore it is better not to allow this condition of the skin and to regularly use cleansing masks. Not all women follow these recommendations and get unpleasant surprises on the dermis in the form of dense traffic jams.

With clogged pores on the face, you will have to resort to aggressive compounds that can open the blockage and extract the contents — dirt and particles of fat. Ladies with sensitive dermis must first consult with a cosmetologist and find out if such masks provoke irritation or rashes.

Soda, sugar

Soda solutions do an excellent job with clogged pores, but often it is not recommended to use funds — in addition to irritation, peeling of the dermis can be provoked.

Preparation, application:
1. Mix baking soda, sugar crystals and warm water in equal parts (15 g each).
2. Add whipped protein to a dense foam.
3. Pour 2-5 ml of peroxide into the mass.

To apply means on previously steamed skin integuments of the face. The obligatory stage of the procedure is a light massage of problem areas. Do not apply force — the results of vigorous massaging will damage the dermis or provoke a burning sensation. Leave for half an hour. During this time, it is recommended to repeat the massage again.

Remove with warm water, if you feel discomfort, it is better to use tonic herbal decoctions (plantain, chamomile, string).

Pore ​​contamination is difficult to hide even with a thick layer of makeup, which will only contribute to clogging. You should not allow such problems — timely cleansing will not only improve the condition of the skin, but also forget about rashes, irritations, black spots.

Home remedies will serve as an excellent alternative to cosmetic procedures or branded preparations, and they will cost quite inexpensively — the components can be found in any refrigerator or kitchen cabinet.

How to clean pores on the face.

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