How to improve your complexion.

How to improve your complexion.

How to improve your complexion. Homemade masks to improve the complexion.

Parsley mask.

The remedy will help whiten the skin, improve its color, and slow down aging.

Finely chop fresh parsley greens, grind in a mortar, take one tbsp. mass, add one tsp. olive oil, mix, distribute on the dermis, after 25 minutes rinse with warm then cool water.

Fruit mask.

The product moisturizes, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, suitable for all skin types.

Prepare a peach or apricot puree as you can find on hand, take one tbsp. of the mass, combine it with the same amount of oatmeal flour, stir it up, put it on your skin and in 25 minutes wash it off with water.

If the dermis is dry, add to the ingredients one tsp. of olive oil.

Coffee mask.

This recipe inhibits the aging process, makes the skin soft, velvety, it gets a tan shade. Use the remaining grounds after a cup of drank coffee.

Apply it to the dermis, leave it for 15 minutes, after that time wash with running water.

Carrot mask.

Remedy gives tone to aging skin, moisturizes, nourishes it.

Peel fresh carrot, grate it on a fine grater, add one egg yolk, one tbsp. of mashed potatoes, mix everything, spread on the dermis, leave it to soak for 15-20 minutes and wash with water and chamomile broth.

Citrus mask.

Citrus masks are rich in vitamin C, which can maintain the skin in a young state. They are especially useful in the winter.

Take a pulp of orange or tangerine, crush with a fork, add one tbsp. unsweetened home-made yoghurt, mix everything, distribute the mixture on problem areas, after 20 minutes, wash with water at room temperature.

Vegetable mask.

To improve the condition of the skin, you can use beets, or raw potatoes.

Grate them on a fine grater, spread on the skin, give time to absorb useful substances, after 20 minutes wash with running water.

Mask for evening the complexion.

If the skin has wrinkles, red spots, the following recipe will do.

Buy badyaga powder in a drugstore, dilute one tbsp. of this product with water, mix, distribute an even layer on the dermis, after 15 minutes rinse with running water.

How to improve your complexion.

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