How to look younger.

Road to youth.

How to look younger. Active longevity.

All my life I was very active, easy-going person, and age I did not want to. However, until she retired, and I thought about it. But as soon she quit her job, got a lot of free time, but in the mirror does not   want to look: it reflected all my years, and even a little more. And then I decided, finally, to do them. How to look younger.

How to look younger.

Re-read the mountain of diverse literature, I went to various courses and has developed its own system, due to which I am now, after six years of retirement life, not only feel great, but look in the mirror and  be happy.

Maybe for someone active aging and is not important, but I’m sitting on a bench near the entrance,          I would be felt with one foot in the grave. But at the really does not get old — it’s simple, it would wish.

In principle, the system, which I adhere to — this specific diet, but diet is not limited and qualitatively.      I learned about this system from his longtime girlfriend.
It is based on biorhythmology, which examines the annual and diurnal rhythm of the internal organs.

How to look younger.

It has been observed that from 3 to 5 am working kidneys. Colon runs from 5 to 7, the stomach — 7      to     9, spleen — from 9 to 11, from 11 to 13 — the heart, from 13 to 15 — small intestine, from 15 to 17 — the bladder.
But with 17 to 23 hours, virtually no internal organs do not work, and therefore, these watches are the best time of the meal.

At first I thought it was strange, but when I tried to live by following these rules, I realized that in fact it is very effective.
The main thing in the life of the organism — a purification system, and the most simple — it is cleaning with water.

In the morning I will drink water, because the kidneys and intestines are working at this time,
which displays toxic substances. If in the morning not to drink cold water on an empty stomach, kidneys blocked. Beverages such as tea and coffee, can not replace water as warm drink is absorbed into the intestine, reducing blocking fermentation and purification process. It is useful to drink ice water.

How to look younger.

Interestingly, Caucasian centenarians in the morning do not eat, they drink cold spring water, often — with the current glaciers. And all the water in the morning drunk, excreted from the body, purifying it. A liquid drunk evening, remain in the body, causing swelling.

But water is also needed special. Boiling the water body can not assimilate, so you need to drink unboiled. Naturally, it is necessary to purify tap water.

I drink a kind of water: the water freeze in the fridge, a small portion of frozen water, which are all unnecessary impurities are washed out with cold water from the tap. When thawing the rest of the water you can drink.

In the morning on an empty stomach I drink 2 glasses of cold water. Within two hours another drink 2-3 cups of honey water.
If you have taught the body to a plentiful Breakfast, then gradually mix the Breakfast time. Replace it by taking water with honey, fresh vegetables and fruits.

How to look younger.

Water plays a very important role in human life. Cells purified with water are fed from natural products. The products retain their bioenergy properties. Therefore, there is a process of rejuvenation of the body.

For lunch I always eat raw plant foods: fruits or vegetables. In winter — dried fruit, raisins, dried apricots, prunes, previously soaked them in water. Very useful herbs, especially red quinoa, red beet leaves, nettle, amaranth. Leaves need to twist in a coffee grinder and add to the water, in winter you can use the dried leaves, chop them in a coffee grinder. Grass I add directly into cold water — in this case, it clears the intestines and not absorbed into it as fruit drinks and teas.

Remember that even a small piece of bread or any cooked food, eaten between water techniques or    other raw food can block the operation of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to look younger.

The main meal I have going on five o’clock to seven pm. And you can not drink either before meals or during meals or after meals. Food should always be freshly prepared.

And I completely excluded from the diet of sweets, chocolate, tea, coffee, alcohol, salt, spices, canned, smoked, as well as all soups. liquid the food is the cause of stagnation in the gastrointestinal tract.

If you just can not do without the soup, eat it in the evening with plenty of chopped greens.

After dinner, I will lie down to rest. The food is absorbed better in the prone position. Especially harmful exercise on a full stomach.
By the way, starting to eat on such a schedule, I immediately began to lose extra weight. So it is possible to use the system, and for weight loss.

Just remember that in the first half of the day you need only to drink, but not to eat, but the afternoon — on the contrary: it is necessary only to eat, but in no case do not drink. Before the main food intake is necessary to fill the stomach with plenty of chopped greens, vegetables and fruits in summer and    winter — fruit sorbent. To make it dry apples battery or apricots, and twist the them in a coffee grinder.
Take in the morning and in the afternoon: 3-4 tablespoons. spoon should simply be dissolved in water and drink. This drink quenches hunger and promotes weight loss.

And, of course, important physical activity and good mood.
After all live happily ever after can be only when you go through life and smile, and do not sit, become sad, on the bench …


How to look younger.

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