How to lose weight.

How to remove the stomach and hips.

How to lose weight.

CATERING — the cornerstone.

Still, it is clear that the motivation in itself does not allow to remove the stomach and hips. Success comes only to those who need to set up in addition to the formation of even resorted to a particular figure on the impact of the methods. And the food plays a major role. There are a lot of rules under which the short term will make the outline of his body more attractive. The home is not as difficult to comply with the following requirements.

How to lose weight.

1. No alcohol.

For some reason it is widely believed that the fluid can not increase the stomach and hips. But this is not the case. The thing is about what it is liquid form in question. If water or tea is then no danger. For example, this «lazy» diet is based on just two rules of water use and perfectly helps. It is quite another case — alcohol. Contrary to popular belief, alcoholic beverages have a high calorie content. That is, to remove the alcohol from your diet — a big plus.
In a short time to cope with the belly and sides, using alcohol, do not get even for the reason that it increases the production of the reception of cortisol. The accumulation of fat in the use of a low-alcohol and spirits, is much faster. Suffice it to recall such a thing as a «beer belly.» The concept appeared not accidentally. Typically, this situation occurs in men, but also women such nuisance is quite possible. From this it follows that in the short term it will be possible to achieve excellent results only to the extent that alcohol is not used.

2. The minimum calorie products.

But of course, that power is primarily determines how successful will be able to remove unwanted wrinkles. Quite easily at home not to use products other than fat or simply are high-calorie. But it is important to see from what is going calories. For example, to remove the belly and hips, it is necessary to use primarily a food that contains a minimum of fat, but rich in protein. Here is a weekly menu of popular protein diet.
As for carbohydrates, they must be present in the diet. But to achieve the desired effect in the short term should be used so-called slow carbohydrates. They are digested longer, make it possible not to feel hungry and therefore lose weight faster. Slow carbohydrates found mainly in cereals. At the same time, sorting out how to remove the belly and hips in the home for a short time, should abandon the fast carbohydrates contained in a sweet, baked goods, sugar normal. This seriously harms figure.

3. The diet should be varied.

There are a great number monodiets that involve the use of one or at most two ingredients. It must be admitted that remove flaws body contouring such diets help. But will also be noted that as a result of possible serious problems. Use only well-defined products — a sure way to undermine health. Exclusively on yogurt or buckwheat be able to lose weight. But then his stomach and sides reappear. Do we need positive changes only for a short period? For a short, probably, such an option is appropriate. For those who think his own head, in the home are more suitable methods of sparing diet. The well-known TV presenter Elena Malysheva calls these 7 weight loss diet at home, they work and thus harmless to health.

The diet is necessary to include dishes of both vegetable and animal origin. Of vegetables you can eat everything except potatoes. When choosing fruit, you need to give only on bananas. Calorie both quite high. Therefore, to remove the body’s own shortcomings in their use will be possible only with difficulty. At least, at home and in a short time to do so is unlikely to succeed. If we talk about meat, it is worth mentioning as the most successful variants of chicken, lean pork or beef. Turkey and rabbit — also excellent food. But the lamb should be avoided. When in the menu is meat, vegetables and cereals, diet does not seem too hard. At the same time, remove the excess, even for a short period probably will not work if beyond when consuming food.

4. Drink plenty of water.

Classic advice from nutritionists — for any weight loss you want to drink plenty of water every day. To remove the stomach and sides, it will take at least 2 liters of fluid a day. It is provided that in addition to the use of water will also keep to a diet. The reasons for which a short time at home with a fat problem areas will be able to get away, quite a lot.
The first is to say about the ability of water to remove toxins from the body, which, in turn, prevent weight loss. Therefore, getting rid of them will be able to burn fat faster. No wonder, judging by these reviews, many losing weight before taking Polisorb — a means to cleanse the body of toxins. Also to lose weight in a short period of water helps in connection with the fact that it increases the metabolism. Acceleration of metabolism certainly is good for losing weight. Another factor associated with the liquid, regards the work of the excretory system. Do not think that the frequent desires in a toilet — just one of the disadvantages associated with the use of increased amounts of fluid. In fact, it is extremely useful at home, because the urine in large quantities helps the body cleanse. So that drinking water helps to remove the excess in the short term.

5. Counting calories and «crushing».

If you start from the above, it can be called the basic power requirements in order to remove the stomach and hips. Determine how to remove the belly and hips at home on short notice, will not just be the diet of suitable foods and drinking water. You will also need to count calories. The most successful variant is considered, in which the daily amount of food consumed, which gives the body no more than 1300-1400 calories. If you remove all the excess from the menu, just this amount of nutrients and be able to receive. The feeling of hunger at the same time will not pursue.
Crushing servings throughout the day — and the most important aspect. In a short time to remove something that is not decorated with the figure obtained when a five- or six-time nutrition. In this way, the meal will be able to maintain satiety and body will receive only the amount of calories at a time, which he can digest normally. That is, on the abdomen and flanks will not be delayed anything.

That diet menu for weight loss belly and sides for a week. Having dealt in the diet, you should go and to other aspects of getting rid of the sides and belly, taking into account which will manage at home to achieve the best result. And here it is worth to turn to exercise. Without them a short time to transform the contours will not work.


How to lose weight.

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