How to thin the blood.

How to thin the blood.

Foods that help thin the blood.

1. Tomatoes prevent the formation of blood clots in the cardiovascular system. It turned out that tomatoes (like aspirin) help to thin the blood and also (unlike aspirin) do not have any side effects.

2. Mushrooms thin the blood, lower cholesterol levels.

3. Berries of cranberries, viburnum, sea buckthorn also help thin the blood. Garlic has the ability to thin the blood. Artichoke helps lower blood viscosity and cholesterol. People say: «Horseradish and radish, onion and cabbage — they won’t allow a dashing one» …

4. Olive oil also dilutes blood well. If you are allergic to any food, use regular aspirin. An excellent proven remedy. You can start from 1/4 in the morning.

5. Lemon is an amazing and affordable fruit that can be used both for food and as a cosmetic.

6. All foods containing vitamin C (lemons, oranges, tomatoes, sour berries, sweet peppers, rose hips)

7. All berries and fruits of red color are useful for blood formation. From medicines «Trombo-Ass», heparin ointment, Lioton-gel. But first decide with a doctor about your diagnosis and treatment method. Self-medication and blood are not compatible!

8. Grapefruit thins the blood well. It is believed to be comparable to Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid).

9. For blood thinning it is useful to take 1 tbsp of flaxseed oil. spoon a day. It lowers cholesterol and thins the blood.

10. In this case, it will be helpful to remember that it is important to reduce the intake of foods rich in vitamin K.

11. Drink plenty of cranberry juice, eat seeds, beets, cocoa, fish oil. The use of garlic can dissolve blood clots by half.

12. Thick blood means that its viscosity is increased. Many factors affect viscosity. This is vascular damage, impaired liver function.

13. Useful of antioxidants (tomatoes, viburnum, cranberries, green tea), because they bind free radicals that increase blood viscosity.

14. Foods with a high content of essential fatty acids (Omega-3) thin the blood. These are mainly fish (especially fish oil) and vegetables.

15. Blood thinns well raspberries. I was advised to drink tea with raspberry jam for blood thinning.

16. Blood, most often, thickens when it is alkalized. This happens every day if you don’t eat well.

17. Drink plenty of cranberry, pomegranate juice, eat beets, lemon, cocoa, garlic, pickled and sour foods.

18. It is better to use drugs to achieve the desired therapeutic result. To get the desired healing effect from the products …

19. The best method is apple cider vinegar, only apple cider vinegar. It is applied 1 st / l per 200 ml of water once a day. Within 7 days, the result will already be revealed.

20. Blood thinning is promoted by aspirin, or rather the salicylic acid it contains. Glycosides and salicyl esters are also found in raspberries, blackberries, as well as in the bark of many types of willow.

21. To thin the blood, i.e. lowering blood clotting can be done by changing the diet. There should be a lot of liquid in the diet.

22. For thrombophlebitis, it is useful to eat ginger, melons, pineapples, watermelons, onions, cinnamon. Limit the use of soy, rose hips, beans, bananas.

23. To thin the blood, you need to include in the diet more tomato juice and cranberry juice. The use of lemons and olive helps very well.

24. Some of the most effective are a little cognac at night and pomegranate juice.

25. The most important factor in blood thinning therapy is nutrition. The body needs to get more fluid, less fat and protein.

26. Pomegranate or pomegranate juice

27. Fish oil can help. It was not for nothing that we were all given it in childhood. It increases mental capacity. It removes cholesterol from the body.

28. Raspberries are blood thinners!

29 To THINK BLOOD, you need to include as much cranberry juice in your diet as possible …

30. Pomegranates and pomegranate juice are one of the affordable but effective ways to thin the blood. The best pomegranate juice is Azerbaijani.

31. All products that are «red» by nature, and not from the fact that they were painted))


33. One of the most important factors, as already mentioned above, is
liquid. From myself, I can only add that it is best to drink clean water …

34. Horse chestnut extract is sold in pharmacies.

35. Garlic, fish oil, licorice root, paprika, black elderberry will also help you

36. They say that garlic has a blood-thinning effect so strong that it is not even recommended to combine it with blood-thinning drugs.

How to thin the blood.

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