How to treat a sore throat.

How to treat a sore throat.

1. A teaspoon of green tea is steamed in a mug of boiling water. When it cools down to a comfortable temperature, squeeze. Gargle to eliminate inflammation and pain. It can be used to treat tonsillitis in a child.

2. A tablespoon of pharmacy chamomile flowers is brewed like tea. After cooling, add a little honey and use it to rinse as often as possible. The recipe is suitable for children and pregnant women. Folk remedy quickly eliminates severe pain, relieves swelling and treats abscesses. Also, chamomile infusion is taken orally — 100 ml twice in a warm form.

3. Prepare a plant collection of 30 g of mint leaves, a similar number of flowers of medicinal chamomile and sage leaves. Enter 10 g of the fruits of ordinary fennel. In a mug of hot water steamed 1 tbsp. l collection. After half an hour, filter.

4. A clove of garlic is placed under the press. The gruel is stirred in a glass of warm water. Use for rinsing no more than twice a day.

5. To 500 ml of vodka add 50 g of Rhodiola rosea root. A week they insist, removing from sunlight. A teaspoon of tincture is added to a mug of water, preparing a solution for the procedure.

How to treat a sore throat.

6. In proportion to one to one dilute medical alcohol and ordinary water. To 100 ml of the drug is injected 20 ml of glucose solution. Lightly heated. Gargle three times a day after a meal. After several procedures, ulcers become less pronounced.

7. A liter of cool moisture is poured into 1.5 small tablespoons of cloves (seasoning). Bring to a boil over low heat. Gargle no more than three times a day. For the fourth time, the product is swallowed.

8. 200 ml of alcohol pour twenty grams of sticky poplar buds. Squeeze the raw material after a few weeks. To rinse, prepare a solution — 1 tbsp. l per 100 ml of water.

9. A tablespoon of the dried coltsfoot plant is steamed with a mug of boiled moisture for thirty minutes. The strained composition is used to rinse with follicular tonsillitis.

10. In the inflammatory process without temperature, blackberry kidney infusion is used for the procedure. Two small spoons in a cup of boiling water insist until completely cooled. Squeeze the raw materials.

11. Two dessert spoons of green bell are steamed with 230 ml of boiling water for several hours. Cleansed from oilcake infusion, gargle to eliminate purulent sore throat.

12. At home, a tablet of hydroperite is dissolved in a cup of mineral still water. Use no more than three times.

How to treat a sore throat.

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