How to treat cataracts.

How to treat cataracts.

How to treat cataracts. Cut into small parts of the liver of live burbot. It is transferred to a glass container and poured with purified water. Close the lid and clean in a dark place for a week. Daily exposed to a couple of hours in the sun. A week later, fat forms on the surface of the water. It is collected, filtered through cheesecloth. Use dropwise daily for each eye, continuing treatment for a month.

In a proportion of one to one with may honey mix juice of fresh flowers of the field kuroslep. Use as drops three times in 24 hours — two in each eye. Folk remedy is especially effective in the early stages of cataracts.

A silver chain is placed in a liter jar of water. Leave for a week. After this, the crushed aloe leaf is boiled in this water. Add 1 tbsp. l honey. Liquid drip eyes — one dose per day for a week.

Mix 1 tbsp. l burdock leaves, a similar number of flowers of wild rose and chamomile. Steamed in 150 ml of hot water and kept on a steam bath for about five minutes. Cooled eyes drip — four times a week, drop by drop, continuing therapy for at least three weeks.

To alleviate the condition of cataracts, grapevine juice is dripped into the eyes for a week. Repeat every two hours.

How to treat cataracts.

100 grams of walnut kernels are crushed, poured with a liter of vegetable oil. After a week of settling in a dark place, filter. Drop in two doses a couple of times a day. After rubbing the eyelids. They continue treatment for about five weeks.

In a proportion of one to two, fresh blueberry juice and purified water are mixed. The resulting agent drip eyes — one dose before a night’s rest. The procedure is repeated every evening for 14-21 days.
It is much more beneficial for the eyes and the body as a whole to just eat fresh blueberries.

A teaspoon of stellate herb is steamed with a cup of boiling water. Allow to stand for half an hour. Filter. Three doses are dripped into each eye in the evening. They are treated for cataracts for four to five weeks.

As a supportive therapy, a remedy from rose petals and marigolds is recommended. Raw materials are taken in equal amounts, pour a glass of boiling water. After half an hour, filter. Drip three times in 24 hours, two drops, continuing treatment for at least a month and a half.

A dessert spoon of small sea stones is poured with a cup of water and boiled for 20 minutes. In a decoction, dissolve a spoonful of fresh aloe juice and a similar amount of honey. The resulting composition drip eyes — three times a day, a few drops. Store the broth in the refrigerator. The course is two weeks.

How to treat cataracts.

Sea buckthorn oil is considered a highly effective treatment for cataracts at home. Such therapy is called especially useful at the first manifestations of pathology. It is better to use oil cooked with your own hands. To do this, three glasses of oilcake (the berries are passed through a meat grinder, they drink liquid), pour 500 ml of vegetable oil. The container is covered with a lid, left in a dark place for a week. The oil is ready. They drip in the eyes. The first three days — one dose every hour, from the fourth day — every three hours. They are treated before the onset of relief.

Dandelion milk shows itself well in the fight against an age-related problem. It should be fresh. One dose is dripped daily into the eyes, repeated twice a day.
Dandelion milk is very alkaline, so its contact with the eyes is unacceptable.

They take equally grass of euphrasia and ordinary lenok, cornflower petals and elderberry flowers. A large spoon is poured into 500 ml of water and boiled for two minutes. Filtered. Five drops are used for each eye three times a day, repeating a couple of months.

Several leaves of annual aloe are placed in the refrigerator for ten days. After defrosting, squeeze the juice. Mix with crushed mummy (the size of a wheat grain). Dripping with cataract, drop by drop in each eye, repeating once a day for two weeks.

To purified water, in an amount of 500 ml, add half a cup of dried blueberries. Ten minutes defend in a dark place. Drain the liquid into an enameled container. They simmer over low heat until they decrease by a third. Filtered. Dripped twice a day, three doses in each eye. The course is fifteen days. After a two-day break, another course is performed.

In a ratio of 1: 1, they mix the juice of grass lice and water. Used to instill three times a day, drop by drop. Repeat week. This recipe is recommended for the effective treatment of cataracts without surgery.

To 100 ml of purified water add 10 grams of propolis powder. Day insist, occasionally shaking. To increase efficiency, add a little celandine juice. Drip three times a day, one drop. The course is set in 30 days.

An arbitrary amount of clover juice is taken, heated to 90 degrees, poured into a glass container. Drop into each eye two doses three times in 24 hours. Cataract treatment is performed for five weeks. After a seven-day break, the course is resumed.

How to treat cataracts.

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