How to treat hemorrhoids.

How to treat hemorrhoids.

1. Against an itch use an ointment from 200 g of vaseline and 50 milliliters of cranberry juice. Lubricate the anus twice a day. It can be used during pregnancy and to alleviate the condition of the child.

2. Lightly fry oat grains. Grind to a powder state. Selected 1 tbsp. l and mixed with an equal amount of butter. Rubbed into the anus twice in the presence of cracks and itching.

3. If there are cracks in the anus, an ointment is prepared: several cabbage leaves are washed in warm water, and then boiled in milk together with bran. The resulting broth is filtered. The gruel is ground to a homogeneous mass. Use the prepared folk remedy for treating cracks three times a day.

4. In equal proportions combine dog fat and cedar oil. The ointment is stored in the refrigerator. Used to lubricate hemorrhoid cones and nodes twice a day.

How to treat hemorrhoids.

5. The recipe for eliminating the appearance of the disease. Buckwheat honey and food cinnamon are combined over a tablespoon. The resulting ointment is used twice a day for the treatment of hemorrhoids without surgery.
The use of ointments can lead to a burning sensation.

6. A little birch tar is added to a spoon of petroleum jelly. Stir and use for application to the inflamed anus, repeating no more than four times a day. This is how the treatment of hemorrhoid cones occurs.

7. As an ointment for large cones, ordinary butter is used. They lubricate the affected areas three times a day. After a week, the cones become less pronounced, and eventually disappear altogether.

8. Cracks in the rectum should be lubricated with sulfuric ointment. Repeat the procedure once a day, continuing therapy for five days.

9. Combine eighty grams of petroleum jelly, ten grams of lanolin and seven grams of propolis. In an enameled dish, they are heated in a water bath until all components are completely dissolved. Filter through several layers of gauze. Used for application to nodes and cones in the acute form of pathology.

10. To ten crushed tablets of streptocide, add 25 g of petroleum jelly. In a water bath, the mass is brought to uniformity. Applied with the inflammatory process and the presence of external nodes.

11. Twice a day, hemorrhoid cones are recommended to be lubricated with Zvezdochka balm or sulfuric ointment.

How to treat hemorrhoids.

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