I got rid of spurs salt.

I got rid of spurs salt.

I got rid of spurs salt. I turned to the surgeon, who redirected me to an orthopedist. It was he who made, after an X-ray and a biochemical blood test (to exclude rheumatic disease or gout, which can also cause pain in the feet), a disappointing diagnosis: heel spur.

This is a formation of bone growth in the heel area. Alas, I am only to blame for the fact that it has arisen: the shoes are uncomfortable, severity, overweight.
And of course, daily footwork played an important role.

The orthopedist suggested medication + injections. Of course, the most effective, in his words, is
remove the spur using shock wave therapy, but this is not the case in our city, and I decided to try to cope with the spur using folk methods.

First of all, I began to make baths with sea salt (I put 2 tablespoons per liter of water), the procedure time is half an hour, as well as baths with soda and iodine:

in 3 liters of warm water I dissolve soda — 2-3 teaspoons, here I drip tincture of iodine — 10 drops. I keep my feet in a soda solution for 10 minutes, after which I grease the heel with iodine.

I performed self-massage of my feet for more than a month every day. The method is unconventional, but effective:

for a long time she rubbed the feet with felt from an old felt boot.

Another effective recipe:

mix 1 tbsp. a spoonful of honey, 1 teaspoon of table salt and tincture of iodine (50 ml). Apply to the leg at night, from above wrapping with plastic wrap and wearing a woolen sock.
In the morning I did not immediately take off the compress, I walked with it for about 15 minutes around the apartment.

I also used medical bile treatment, making a compress at night. After just a few procedures, I saw changes for the better and pain relief.

The compress of crushed chalk and garlic passed through a press turned out to be very effective (1: 1)
— it was put on a steamed heel, as well as from horseradish passed through a meat grinder.

Compresses alternated with walking on salt: heat the table salt, walk on a flat surface with bare feet for about 15 minutes. The salt should be quite hot, but not burn.

After 1.5 months, I noticed a significant reduction in the spur, the pain practically disappeared. I wear orthopedic shoes, I try to sit more at work.

I got rid of spurs salt.

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