Infusion for the liver.

Infusion for the liver.

Infusion for the treatment of the liver.

The most popular ingredient in liver medicine recipes is milk thistle. The main active ingredient in its chemical composition is silymarin. World clinical studies have proven that it acts as an effective hepatoprotector.

Silymarin protects liver cells, increases their resistance to pathological factors and prevents the penetration of harmful substances through membranes. In addition, it removes toxins from the liver and stimulates the regeneration of hepatocytes, restoring the normal functioning of the organ.

The action of rose hips has a beneficial effect on the condition of the liver, since it activates the work of the excretory system as a whole. Chamomile flowers disinfect, improve blood flow. St. John’s wort eliminates inflammation and provides an antibacterial effect.

Mint and hops are also present in the recipe, which help cleanse the liver.


Milk thistle (fruit) 1 tbsp l.
St. John’s wort 1 tbsp. l.
Rosehip (fruit) 1 tbsp. l
Peppermint 1 tbsp l.
Hops (cones) 1 tbsp. l.
Chamomile 1 tbsp l.
Hot water 1 glass


Prepare all components of the collection in equal parts. You can take a tablespoon or in large quantities to prepare the collection for the entire course in advance.
Mix herbs and fruits, pour into a jar with a lid; store in a dark place.
Take a tablespoon of the collection, pour a glass of boiling water.
Leave it on for 15 minutes and then drain.
Divide the glass of infusion into four doses. Drink warm during meals.
The duration of the course of treatment with infusion is 4 weeks.


Revitalization of the digestive system.
Improved blood flow.
Elimination of inflammatory processes.
Cleansing and restoring the liver.

Infusion for the liver.

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