Infusions from mastopathy.

Infusions from mastopathy.

Phyto-infusions, which include popular antitumor and anti-inflammatory herbs, take at least two months. As a rule, to achieve the result of one course is not enough, so after a while the reception is repeated.

Infusions from mastopathy. Mono infusions.

1. A tablespoon of the plant red brush steamed in a thermos 350 ml of boiling water. Withstand one hour and squeeze the raw materials. The resulting volume is consumed during the day if a diffuse cystic form of the disease is diagnosed.

2. Three large spoons of dried green cuffs are steamed with several cups of boiling water. Filter through four hours and drink a third of a glass on an empty stomach twice.
Drinking an infusion on an empty stomach causes diarrhea.

3. Add twenty grams of ordinary knotweed to a cup of hot water. Infusion time — 1 hour. Drink half a glass three times.

4. A teaspoon of potato bush flowers is steamed for one hour with a glass of boiling water. Apply after filtering for 1 tbsp. l three times a day.
It is not permissible to use the flowers of a bush that has been treated with chemicals. In addition, the flowers are poisonous. Accumulating in the body, their poison has a negative effect on health.

5. In the presence of bloody or yellowish discharge from the mammary gland, infusion of hop cones is used. Two glasses of hot liquid account for fifteen peeled cones. Insist about forty minutes. Drink 1 tbsp. l twice on an empty stomach.

6. In 0.5 l of milk two hours stand a handful of seeds of dill. Filter and take — ¾ cup three times. Folk remedy is effective in the fight against nodal mastopathy.


1. Diffuse-fibrous pathology at home can be treated with this collection: nettle, string, yarrow, chamomile. Herbs take one large spoon. The mix is ​​placed in a container of light glass and steamed with a liter of boiling water. After an hour and a half, the product is ready for use. The volume is divided into two portions. One is drunk during the day, the second is recommended for compresses.

2. Raspberry leaves, rose hips and red mountain ash, dandelion and burdock roots, the color of chamomile are evenly connected. Four large spoons are taken and poured with one liter of hot liquid. The night is allowed to infuse. The next morning, the infusion is filtered. They consume one hundred milliliters up to five times a day.

3. Take a large spoonful of motherwort, succession and yarrow. Pour the herbal mixture with a half liter of boiling water and leave it under a lid for a couple of hours. Drink three times a cup with nodular pathology.

4. Diffuse and fibrous-diffuse forms are to be treated by collecting such herbs: rhizomes of safflower-shaped leuzea (one part), rhizome of evading peony, green ivy buds, nettle leaves, celandine, calendula color, green prickly tartar (in two parts). Add the greenery of the marsh cinquefoil, late dentate, a series (in four parts), roots of a large burdock and meadow clover grass (in five parts). The collection is thoroughly mixed and pounded in a mortar. Twenty-five grams are taken, 0.3 l of boiling water is poured for five hours. They drink the infusion three times. A single dose is half a cup. Therapeutic measures spend about ten days. If necessary, treatment is resumed after a similar break in duration.

5. Connect two parts of the leaves of the watch and mint, one each of the hop cones and valerian root. Half an hour can withstand 15 g of the collection in 450 ml of boiling water. Use ½ cup in the morning and evening.
The recipe should not be used by people with enterocolitis.

Infusions from mastopathy.

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