Infusions from melanoma.

Infusions from melanoma.

Treatment with folk remedies in the form of phyto-infusions is carried out from four to eight weeks. During this time, it is possible to get rid of the pronounced symptoms of the disease. Ten days later, treatment is resumed.

Mono Infusions

1. Five grams of dried celandine plant at home is steamed with 300 ml of hot water and left under the lid for half an hour. Filter through cheesecloth. Reception is carried out three times a day, two tablespoons.
Any of the recipes with celandine should not be used without the permission of the doctor.

2. It is possible to restrain the growth of melanoma by means of geraniums. A handful of crushed plants is poured 180 ml of boiling water for 15 minutes. The entire volume is used for 1 time.

Infusions from melanoma.

3. 400 ml of boiling water steamed a tablespoon of grass lice. It is kept under a towel for four hours and filtered. Use a quarter cup up to five times a day.

4. Thistle is ground and fifteen grams is filled with 230 ml of boiling water for two hours. Use up to five times a day after meals. A single dose — a few spoons.

5. A tablespoon of chopped flowers and leaves of fireweed is combined with 300 milliliters of hot liquid. Leave under the towel for several hours. Filter and drink half a cup up to four times a day for eye or skin disease.

Compresses from melanoma.

1. Dissolve a teaspoon of buckwheat honey in one hundred milliliters of boiled water. Boil for five minutes. Used for compresses on the eyes once a day.

2. A glass of hot liquid is poured into four large spoons of raspberry flowers. Defend for three hours. Filter and use for compresses for ever.

3. Prepare tansy infusion (a teaspoon in a glass of boiling water, insist for half an hour). Use for a compress on the skin three times a day.

4. Thistle grass is washed, dried and scrolled in a meat grinder. Drain the juice, in which the cotton pads are moistened afterwards. Compresses are made up to four times in twenty-four hours.

Infusions from melanoma.

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