Infusions from ulcers.

Infusions from ulcers.

Reception of phyto-infusions helps in increasing immunity, which, in turn, allows you to quickly overcome the discomfort caused by the pathological process. Therapy is recommended to continue for at least one and a half weeks.

Mono Infusions

1. Pathological inflammation of the esophagus is treated with St. John’s wort. Sixteen grams of dry greens are combined with a mug of hot water at night. Perform a spin and add so much water so that the volume of the drug in the end is 230 ml.

Drink in the warm form of fifty-five milliliters, repeating four times a day. Treatment is performed for about two weeks.
During treatment, you should limit the use of tea and coffee, do not fall in direct sunlight. Otherwise, a severe allergic reaction is likely.

2. A bleeding wound is treated with plantain infusion. A teaspoon of grass is placed in a glass of boiling water and brewed like regular tea. Have a drink. Repeat the reception procedure three times. A more concentrated infusion involves the use of a tablespoon of raw materials.

In some types of gastrointestinal ulcers, plantain infusion can cause complications.

3. Infusion, involving the use of plantain seeds, quickly relieves acute pain in the period of exacerbation. Prepared from a large spoonful of raw materials and half a glass of boiling water. Drink a third of glasses three times.

4. In a proportion of one to thirty, combine flaxseed and boiling water. For seventeen minutes they actively shake, after which they let it brew for a quarter of an hour. The resulting mucus is taken in two glasses in three sets. Folk remedy shows effectiveness if the pathology of the stomach needs treatment.

5. For half an hour, connect 20 g of the color of the marigolds with a glass of boiling water. Accepted to suppress the clinical picture of an ulcer of the gastric mucosa in a pair of spoons twice a day. It can be used for douching for cervical disease.

6. Add 1 tbsp. l clay white to a glass of warm liquid. They give a short stand and begin treatment — 1 tsp. every half hour.

Infusions from ulcers.

7. In case of inflammatory lesions of the gastric mucosa and onion of the duodenum 12, an marshmallow root infusion is prepared. The first method involves the use of a glass of cold water and two teaspoons of raw materials. Insist seven hours.

Take ½ cup three times. The second way is to cook a hot infusion. In a glass of boiling water take one small spoonful of roots. After half an hour, filter. The entire volume is drunk within a couple of hours.

8. The walnut kernels are pounded in a mortar. Eighteen grams are taken, 100 ml of boiling water is steamed for thirty minutes. After decanting, add a little fresh honey. Take a dessert spoon up to six times a day.

9. Grind the pumpkin seeds. A handful soars in a cup of water for about one hour. Divide the volume into two servings. Each before use is diluted with boiling water in a proportion of one to one. Treatment is indicated for morning and afternoon.
Abuse of the prescription leads to an exacerbation of the disease.

10. A piece of pea-sized gum is steamed with a cup of hot liquid for half an hour. Take at lunch to eliminate pain.

11. Two large spoons of dry chamomile pharmacy pour 400 ml of boiling water for six hours. After filtration, they are divided into four portions and used throughout the day. The recipe is good in order to permanently rid yourself of internal discomfort and eliminate wounds formed on the walls of the cervix. In this case, the infusion is used for douching.

12. A pinch of viburnum fruits is steamed for a couple of hours in a mug of boiling water, and then filtered. Treatment involves the use of two large spoons four times a day. The method is good for people who want to quickly relieve themselves of pain in diseases of the duodenum and esophagus.

13. In case of peptic ulcer of internal organs, an infusion of swamp marsh is prepared. A glass of hot water accounts for sixteen grams of raw materials. Hover for three hours, and take three times 1 tbsp. l
Not recommended for arterial hypotension.

Infusions from ulcers.

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