Ingrown nail.

Ingrown nail.

An ingrown nail is a nail that grows into the flesh of a finger. And the sharp edges are very painful. By penetrating into the lateral ridges, the nail causes their inflammation.

To prevent ingrown nails, you need to cut your nails on time and correctly. It is better to do this after taking a bath, when the nail is softened.

Trim your nails so that the sides do not touch the skin. A rectangular shape of the nail is considered correct; a nail cut in a semicircle can grow into the pulp.

Chamomile for an ingrown toenail

In the initial stage, when the nail has not yet grown too deep into the pulp. — Make chamomile baths for 15 minutes.

Pour 6 tablespoons of inflorescences with 2 liters of boiling water, cover and leave for 1 hour. Warm the strained agent and lower your legs into it, hold until it cools down.

Dry your feet and carefully separate the ingrown nail from the soft tissue. Place a small cotton swab dipped in iodine tincture under the raised edges.

Ingrown toenail ointment

Mix in 1 tablespoon each:

gruel from garlic and onions;
aloe leaves and ghee;
add 1 teaspoon of beeswax.

Cook, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, for 2 minutes. Remove from heat, cool to room temperature and start treating the ingrown toenail.

Apply the ointment to an ingrown nail, inflamed skin and soft tissues. Top the ointment with a slightly beaten thin cabbage leaf. Tie with a bandage and wrap well with warm material. Repeat the procedure daily until complete recovery.

Folk treatment by the death of bees

A handful of beesworm for 2 weeks insist on 0.5 liters of alcohol (you can have good moonshine), shaking occasionally. You will get a universal remedy for stings of wasps and bees, mosquitoes and midges.

Ingrown toenail rollers

Pre-steam the leg in a soda solution. Then they twisted a tiny roller out of cotton wool and push it as far as possible under the ingrown edge of the nail. The procedure, of course, is painful, but you have to be patient.

Then tightly tape a piece of aloe to the nail. Do this compress daily. Change the roller after each soda bath, but apply Vishnevsky’s ointment. Each time it became easier to insert the roller, it will not hurt so much.

Trim the nail slightly as it grows back. When the pus is gone, replace the soda baths with manganese ones. At the end of the treatment, discard the roller. Just lubricate the sore spot with a strong solution of potassium permanganate. Deal with an ingrown toenail in 10 days.

Raw potato treatment

I am often plagued by ingrown toenails. I adapted like this. — Before going to bed, I wash my feet with laundry soap. Then I steam up and apply the grated mass of raw potatoes to my sore fingers. I cover them with plastic and bandage them.

In the morning I cut my nails painlessly and lubricate my fingers with baby cream. The procedure must be repeated as necessary.
Well, the reason for the ingrown toenail is improper cutting. Never cut the corners of your nails. They need to be rounded a little. Otherwise, even if you remove the nail, the new one will still have an irregular shape.

Ingrown toenail treatment

About the method of the surgeon Krepkogorsky.
First, you need to hold your feet in warm water with the addition of a slightly pink solution of manganese. Then wipe dry. Prepare a thin cotton flagellum as thick as a groove made by an ingrown nail.

Moisten the flagellum in sunflower oil and place in the hollow. — Under the base of the ingrown nail, so that it seems to rest against the flagellum. Bandage slightly and walk for two days in loose shoes.

You will feel that the ingrown toenail will change its position. You can repeat it if necessary. Everyone who used this simple method got rid of an unpleasant disease in 1-2 procedures!

Zelenka saved from an ingrown toenail

I’ll make a reservation right away — my personal experience + another girlfriend did so. There was once an ingrown toenail, the surgeon removed. A few years later, again, immediately went to the doctor. And he says, come back in two days, but for now, smear with brilliant green. I didn’t take the advice seriously.

But the nail hurts, I think we should try the brilliant green. Smeared the next day the nail does not hurt !!! Didn’t go to the reception.

There was never more ingrowth. Somehow a nail on my hand grew, started it. I smeared brilliant green for 3-4 days — it’s over! And my friend, after 3 or 4 deletions, did this once, I didn’t hear any more complaints from her. It is brilliant green, iodine will not work !!! Worse from brilliant green will definitely not, smear not on the face — try, what if?

Ingrown nail.

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