Is it possible to lengthen the neck.

Is it possible to lengthen the neck.

Long «swan» neck has long been considered a sign of aristocracy. It gives the appearance of grace and refinement. We will tell you whether you can lengthen the neck at home. What exercises help improve posture.

Radical and visual ways to lengthen a neck.

The length and shape of the neck depends on a number of factors. First of all from heredity. An important role is played by gender, age and weight of the person. Also, the presence or absence of spinal curvature.

Is it possible to lengthen the neck?

As the experience of Burmese women shows, yes.
In the east of Myanmar inhabited by a unique tribe Padaung. For local residents, the length of the neck is an indicator of feminine beauty. Therefore, they specifically pull it out. The first bronze rings on the padaung girls are dressed at the age of 5 years. Further, as women grow older, the helix on the neck increases. Adding new curls. Some representatives of the tribe are decorated with two dozen rings with a total weight of 5 kg.

Tilts and circular head rotations help to lengthen the neck

Scientists who have studied the phenomenon of female giraffes have come to the conclusion. What leads to the stretching of the neck is not so much the growth of the vertebrae. And the deformity of the shoulder joints.
However, you can become more beautiful without damage to health. Visually lengthen the neck helps cut the bob to the shoulders. The same long flowing hair framing the face. To achieve the same effect can be clothes with a deep triangular neckline, freely falling beads. The neck will appear longer if a lighter concealer is applied to it in the center than on the sides.

How to lengthen the neck exercise

Scientists say that no muscle effort can not start the growth mechanism of the cervical vertebrae in an adult. At the same time, a smooth back and straightened shoulders help to demonstrate the neck in all its glory. A vivid confirmation of this is the ballerina. Because of impeccable posture and proud head landing, it seems that they have a long neck.

The most effective method to lengthen, make a beautiful neck — to monitor the posture and skin condition.

Partially, the same results can be achieved by daily performing a special set of exercises for the cervical spine.
1. Stand up straight. Open your mouth as wide as possible. Tighten the muscles of the jaw, cheeks and neck. Slowly close your mouth tightly.
2. Tilting your head to the right, reach for your shoulder with your ear. Repeat the same to the left.
3. Tilt your head back, look at the ceiling. Return to the starting position.
4. Turn your head left and right alternately, trying not to change the position of your back.
5. Perform a circular rotation of the head: first clockwise, then against.
Each exercise must be done 10 times. Repeat the complex is daily.

Do not forget about the beauty of the neck. The true age of the woman gives the skin condition. You can fight against flabby skin with contrasting compresses, gelatin and honey masks. Not only to improve blood circulation in the tissues, but also relieve tension, fatigue allows self-massage of the neck.
So, the most effective method to lengthen the neck is to constantly monitor the posture, regularly do exercises to strengthen and flexibility of the spine.


Is it possible to lengthen the neck.

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