Japanese face masks.

Japanese face masks.

Japanese face masks are affordable spa treatments that provide professional home care. Natural ingredients prolong youth, protect from adverse environmental conditions. Cosmetic products from the land of the rising sun will help stop age-related changes. Luxurious healthy skin, porcelain matte color — the result of comprehensive care.

Home recipes

You can use the secrets of Japanese cosmetics on your own, creating magical caring products. Rich in active elements, quickly restore elasticity, firmness. Cleansing and toning will allow you to enjoy the flawless radiance of the face.


You can cook alginate masks from rice and algae at home to restore firmness, elasticity. Effective care products provide a lifting effect, smoothing wrinkles. It is recommended to use it at the first signs of aging, noticeably improve the condition of mature, aging skin.

20 gr. kelp;
10 gr. starch;
10 gr. white clay;
10 ml of rice oil.
Grind laminaria into powder, pour a small amount of warm mineral water. After 20 minutes, add starch, clay, warm nutritious oil to the swollen mass. Wash off makeup, steam out the face with a compress. Apply a mask with a cosmetic spatula starting from the chin area, moving up to the forehead. Leave for half an hour, then remove in the usual way. Conduct courses in 10-15 sessions, at least 3 times a year.


Japanese home masks will present a healthy matte tone, hide signs of fatigue, insomnia. To activate the renewal processes, refresh the color and narrow the pores, a composition rich in vitamins and minerals will help. A spa treatment in winter is useful when the skin needs additional nutrition.

10 gr. rice starch;
10 ml of cherry oil.
Grind the juicy fruit on a grater, then pass through cheesecloth to obtain a homogeneous fruit mass. Add starch and moisturizing oil, mix well. Distribute on the face after cleansing, avoiding the eyelids and lips. Complete the procedure in the usual way after 20 minutes. Recommended to be used once a week.


Mask film with collagen will relieve pigmentation, restore elasticity of the integument. It stops inflammation, provides narrowing of pores, protects against dry air, ultraviolet radiation. Home recipes can be used for all skin types.

10 ml of carrot juice;
20 gr. gelatin;
15 drops of apple cider vinegar.
Squeeze fresh carrot juice, add fruit vinegar. Separate the gelatin crystals separately with warm green tea. Combine the ingredients, apply with a brush and form several layers. Remove the film in 15–20 minutes, repeat the procedure 4–5 times a month.


Antioxidant mask normalizes hydro balance, removes toxins. Thanks to the active elements, you can extend youth, cope with sagging loss of elasticity. Home cosmetics helps relieve inflammation, relieves dry skin.

10 ml of green tea;
2 tablets of activated carbon;
2 drops of mandarin essential oil.
Crush the tablets into powder, add warm green tea and aromatic oil. Cleanse the skin, apply the mask with light rubbing movements, leave for 6-8 minutes. Rinse, as usual, repeat 3-4 times a month.

Japanese face masks.

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