Juices and Douching from a fungus.

Juices and Douching from a fungus.

Adherents of alternative medicine consider juice therapy a good auxiliary method in the fight against the disease.

1. Celandine juice is used in diluted form (two drops per 100 ml of pure moisture) to get rid of inguinal infection. Reception is carried out three times a day, continuing therapy for at least two weeks.

2. To get rid of the disease in anal, it is recommended to take freshly squeezed citrus juice mixed with a small amount of onion and honey. Repeat four times.

Juices and Douching from a fungus.


The douching procedure is indicated for vaginal candidiasis.

1. In a ratio of 1: 1 combine the juice of onions and garlic. Dilute with water, also 1: 1. Douche in the evenings for five days.

2. To a glass of water add 20 g of white cinnamon. On low heat they languish for two minutes, after which they are wrung out. Douched twice during the week. The broth can be taken orally — half a cup four times before meals.

3. In a glass of boiled water at room temperature, dilute 1 tbsp. l alcohol tincture of calendula (25 g of raw material per 100 ml of alcohol). The procedure is indicated once a day. You can prepare the solution in another way: add 1 tsp to 200 ml of boiling water. raw materials. After sedimentation, a little medical alcohol is introduced. Allow to stand for half an hour. Use two dessert spoons of the composition per 200 ml of moisture. The procedure is carried out to combat itching and burning.
With regular use of the composition, the development of edema is possible.

4. Four large spoons of St. John’s wort are added to two liters of boiling water. After 1 hour, filter. Use twice a day in a glass for douching.

5. In equal shares combine the leaves of sage and eucalyptus, birch buds and poplar buds, chamomile flowers and calendula, yarrow grass, juniper berries. All night 1 tbsp. l raw materials insist in a glass of boiling water. The next morning they squeeze and perform douching. You can also take orally — ¼ cup twice. Treatment is performed for at least five days.

6. Take 20 g of yarrow, rosemary and sage leaves, 40 g of oak bark and 1 tbsp. l collection boiled in three liters of water for 30 minutes. They are douched twice a day until complete cure.

7. Mix one part of the oak bark and the color of chamomile, three — dioecious nettle leaves, five — knotweed. In 150 ml 1 tbsp. l collection insist 2 hours. Squeeze and dilute with a similar amount of clean liquid. Douched twice.
8. The freshly squeezed carrot juice is mixed with water. Use twice.
9. With vaginal candidiasis, douching with urine is indicated. She must be warm. Perform sessions before bedtime. Five procedures are enough. Each contains about 50-70 ml of urine.

Juices and Douching from a fungus.

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