Juices for bronchitis.

Juices for bronchitis.

Juice therapy helps to quickly overcome bronchitis, cleansing the lungs and bronchi, and also helps to strengthen the body’s defenses. Take any of the juices should be one and a half glasses per day, dividing into portions. Treatment is performed until recovery.

1. Freshly squeezed cabbage juice is considered a good expectorant. Since it has a bitter taste, it is allowed to add a little granulated sugar before use.
Not recommended for exacerbation of pancreatic pathologies.

2. The diuretic effect, which helps in the rapid elimination of infection from the body, has beet juice. You should not take it fresh — it’s better to let it stand for a couple of hours after spinning.

3. A folk remedy for eliminating sputum is freshly squeezed cranberry juice. It is extracted only from fresh berries. Allowed to combat the disease in children.

4. The anti-inflammatory effect is demonstrated by carrot juice. It is better to combine it with beetroot in a proportion of one to one.

5. A large head of onion is cut, sprinkled with sugar and allowed to stand until the juice is released. They drink juice every few hours in 10 ml. Children are given 5 ml. Five days later, sputum begins to recede.

6. The juice of the sowing radish in the amount of half a glass is used three times, if there is a purulent type of disease.
Harmful to people suffering from bloating and gas.

7. Squeeze juice from turnip root. Use up to six times a day for a pair of large spoons.

Other folk methods

The effective remedies offered by folk healers to treat the disease increase the body’s defenses. Most are actively struggling with cough — the most unpleasant symptom.

Banana Porridge

From ripe bananas in the amount of three pieces prepare mashed potatoes. Pour a little water and inject a handful of granulated sugar. «Porridge» is consumed per day, preheating.

The prescription can be used to treat bronchitis in pregnant women and children. In this way, an acute type of illness is treated.

Birch balsam

An incomplete mug of sugar is melted in a pan. Add to a liter of birch sap, mix thoroughly. Drink a cup a day with a painful cough. If you need to cure bronchitis in a child, the dosage is reduced to ½ cup.

Birch tar

An effective folk remedy for a protracted cough is prepared as follows: add 1 tbsp to eight tablespoons of warm water. l birch tar.
Stand for two days, after which the film is removed from the surface. Moisture is poured into another container and sent to the refrigerator. Take a spoon before bedtime. Three sessions are enough to recover.

Juices for bronchitis.

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