Juices for hypertension.

Juices for hypertension.

Fresh juices are capable of preventing the development of hypertension and help with the already existing one. The substances contained in them act as a kind of natural solvents that effectively work with harmful formations in the body (they cleanse blood vessels of harmful cholesterol). And these are natural vitamins from nerves.

1. Beetroot juice is considered to be fortifying. Especially useful is its administration in renal hypertension. Up to four hundred milliliters are shown per day.
Freshly squeezed beet juice is very difficult for the digestive system, and therefore causes nausea and abdominal pain.

2. Carrot juice is used in a cup twice a day.

3. Parsley juice is one of the most powerful drugs for hypertension. It is recommended to start taking it with half a dessert spoon, gradually increasing the dose to 50 ml. Spinach juice is endowed with similar qualities. Its use occurs in the same way.

4. Lingonberry juice is called an effective tool in eliminating the 2nd degree of hypertension. It is squeezed from fresh berries. Drink half a cup three times after a meal.

5. In a proportion of one to one, combine the juice of beets and hawthorn. Use at elevated pressure three times a day for fifteen milliliters.

6. Onion juice helps in lowering blood pressure. Take a tablespoon twice a day.

7. For fourteen days use the juice of aronia. A single dose is a tablespoon. Repeat up to three times a day after meals.

Juices for hypertension.

8. The juice of red mountain ash is consumed four times a tablespoon.

9. Two glasses of cranberry juice are combined with half a cup of sugar and brought to a boil. Divide the volume in half, consuming in a couple of days on an empty stomach.

10. Persimmon juice is recommended to drink a couple of glasses daily.

11. Every day, three drops take the juice of the agave. Bred in a spoon of cold moisture. Treatment continues for several months.

12. To a cup of freshly squeezed orange juice add 1 tbsp. l peel of citrus and a little sugar. Stir and let stand. Use 1 tbsp. l every three to four hours.

13. Fresh grape juice is indicated for hypertension of the 2nd and 3rd degree.
Its reception occurs according to a certain scheme:

the first three days — a pair of large spoons;
until the sixth day — half a cup;
until the ninth day — 150 milliliters;
the tenth and eleventh — 0.2 l;
the next fourteen days — 250 ml;
after taking the juice in the reverse order.

Pure grape juice can cause intestinal problems.

14. Kiwi juice, obtained by squeezing from the whole fruit along with the peel, is taken for any degree of illness. Enough half a cup per day.

Juices for hypertension.

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