Juices from an ulcer.

Juices from an ulcer.

Reception of freshly squeezed juices is an effective method of combating different types of this disease. The course can last from a couple of weeks to several months.

1. Wash and peel potatoes. Pass through a juicer or grate, after squeezing the juice through cheesecloth. Use with a stomach ulcer for twenty milliliters before breakfast, lunch and dinner. From the second week of treatment, the dose is increased to forty milliliters, from the third — up to sixty. In the fourth week of therapy, the dose per dose is one hundred milliliters of juice. So they continue to be treated for another month.
Squeezing juice from a stale root crop is unsafe for health.

2. Treatment of a duodenal ulcer at home is performed with a potato-carrot mix. Combine 100 ml and drink in the morning. According to the adherents of traditional medicine, already on the second day the pain goes away, nausea decreases and heartburn leaves.

3. Squeeze the juice from the fresh herbs of the plantain. Three times a day they drink a tablespoon if there is a disease of the stomach and esophagus.
Concentrated plantain juice can cause indigestion. Do not carry out treatment without consulting a doctor!

4. With a stomach ulcer, cabbage juice is useful. A single dose is a glass. The number of approaches per day is four.

5. Freshly squeezed tomato juice is no less effective. He is drunk three times in a cup for six weeks.

6. A mix of carrot and celery juices is prepared (nine to four ratio). Drink 250 ml per day.

7. A mixture of cucumber, carrot and beet juice (3: 10: 3) is used to quickly heal wounds on the digestive system in a glass a day.

Juices from an ulcer.

8. Connect five parts of carrot juice and two parts of spinach. At least a mug of mix should be consumed per day.

9. One hundred milliliters three times a day, you need to use fresh juice of black currant.

10. Beet juice, taken half a glass for lunch and dinner, helps to overcome internal discomfort.
To prevent burning in the stomach, it is better to dilute with water in a ratio of 1: 1.

11. Each time before eating, they drink a glass of onion juice diluted in a cup of water.

12. 25 ml of sea buckthorn juice is taken three times a day. Helps to overcome any type of peptic ulcer.

13. Freshly squeezed pomegranate juice is taken four times in a glass, preferably after a meal.

14. Freshly squeezed yarrow juice is mixed with a small amount of fresh honey. Take a dessert spoon four times if the disease affects the mucous membrane in the oral cavity.

15. Juice squeezed from fresh pumpkin pulp is an effective remedy for quick pain control. Consume 120 ml twice before meals.

16. Many representatives of alternative treatment insist on the miraculous properties of birch sap. According to them, only 300 ml per day helps to solve the problem.

Juices from an ulcer.

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