Juices from anemia.

Juices from anemia.

Fruit, vegetable and vegetable juices must be freshly squeezed to fight anemia, prepared at home from intact raw materials. It is better to use them for half an hour. The duration of juice therapy is two to three months.

1. Juice is extracted from chicory. A teaspoon is mixed with a cup of milk and taken before meals. Repeat several times a day.

2. To 200 ml of freshly squeezed pomegranate juice add 100 ml of lemon, carrot and apple. Introduce 70 ml of flower honey. Store in the refrigerator, after having poured into a glass container and covered with a lid. Drink a cocktail of two large spoons per day, slightly warming.
Pomegranate juice irritates the gastric mucosa and can lead to an exacerbation of peptic ulcer.

3. Take half a cup of freshly squeezed juice of black radish, carrots, beets. Mix and pour into a container of clay. Sent in a warm oven and wait an hour. Drink two large spoons, repeating several times a day.

4. With anemia, radish juice is recommended, which contains iron, calcium and magnesium. Drink undiluted 30 ml per day.

5. Beetroot juice is indicated for anemia in people of any age and pregnant women. Use freshly squeezed, ¼ cup three times a day before meals. A little honey is added to the juice.
Beetroot juice is undesirable for people with chronic diarrhea, because it acts like a quality laxative. In addition, it reduces blood pressure, which is dangerous for hypotonic patients, and is not the best choice for diabetics.

6. Carrot juice is rich in iron, which is why it is considered a good tool for the treatment of anemia in children, the elderly and pregnant women. They drink 100 ml three times a day — children and 500 ml — adults.

7. A mixture of apple and beetroot juice helps eliminate anemia. Only freshly squeezed are required. 30 ml of beetroot accounts for 200 ml of apple. Use, repeating twice.

8. Every day, consume 50-10 ml of freshly squeezed juice from dandelion leaves.

Juices from anemia.

9. Pomegranate juice is called a reliable remedy for the treatment of anemia. It is taken with sugar in half a glass twice a day, diluting one to one with room temperature water.

10. Apricot helps in improving blood formation processes. 250 ml of juice is consumed twice a day. Useful for children and the elderly. Also, the recipe can be used by pregnant women.

11. Mix a glass of tomato juice and a dessert spoon of honey. Drink 1/3 cup three times a day before meals. Can be used in case of illness of a child or pregnant woman.

12. Twenty minutes before a meal, consume a large spoonful of freshly squeezed plantain juice. Repeat three times.

13. Three times a day they drink a glass of birch sap. This treatment is also recommended for children.
Birch sap can cause allergies.

14. A few glasses a day are recommended to drink warm juice from fresh leaves of white cabbage.

15. Juice is extracted from fresh berries of viburnum. Mix with warm water one to two. Drink during the day 100 ml before meals. To improve the taste, you can use honey or sugar.

16. A few cups a day is useful to drink freshly squeezed potato juice.

Juices from anemia.

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