Juices from epilepsy.

Juices from epilepsy.

Only freshly squeezed juices that have been consumed for half an hour are considered effective in the treatment of epilepsy. Therapy is continued as long as possible.

1. Squeeze the juice from the leaves of garden spinach. Take the third part of the glass three times a day. Juice is prepared immediately before use.
Spinach contains a large amount of oxalic acid, which, when consumed frequently, has a negative effect on the kidneys, biliary tract, and duodenum.

2. Squeeze the juice from the plant Veronica officinalis. Two tablespoons are mixed with a similar amount of fresh honey. Use once a day, preferably in the morning on an empty stomach. Juice has a tonic and anticonvulsant effect.

3. Half an hour before meals, twice a day, use the third part of a glass of juice from the green tops of sown oats. The composition is endowed with a tonic effect.

4. Squeeze the juice from a flowering bedstraw of the present. Drink a tablespoon twice before meals, mixing with an equal amount of honey. Juice calms the nervous system and has an anticonvulsant effect. It can be used in the treatment of children — a teaspoon twice.
It is dangerous to consume the bedstraw juice for more than a week.

Juices from epilepsy.

5. Juice from a fresh tenacious coot is used in epilepsy up to six times a day, 5 ml each.

6. Reduce the number of attacks helps onion juice. They drink a glass three times a day, each time preparing a fresh folk remedy. If therapy is indicated for the child, the volume is reduced to a teaspoon.

7. Mix sixteen drops of freshly squeezed juice of leaves of roofing young, a tablespoon of lemon juice and a similar amount of honey. The volume is designed for one reception. Twenty-four hours later, repeated twice — in the morning and before bedtime.

8. An effective medicine against the disease is called freshly squeezed dandelion juice. Leaves or roots are used. Take 1 tsp. in a day.

9. Juice is squeezed out of red and black currants at home. Children and adults take half a cup three times a day, diluting with a small amount of pure moisture. Lingonberries and cranberries are similarly used.

Juices from epilepsy.

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