Juices from prostatitis.

Juices from prostatitis.

Freshly prepared juices are considered a good way to strengthen the man’s immunity, fight internal discomfort and normalize the general condition. There is no strictly established duration of administration, it all depends on the reaction of the body.

1. Three times a day before meals, take a tablespoon of freshly squeezed juice of parsley.
Since parsley juice has a strong diuretic effect, it is not recommended to drink with kidney problems.

2. Elderberry juice is consumed in a large spoon in the morning on an empty stomach, continuing treatment for about ten days.

3. Prepare asparagus juice. Equally mixed with carrot. The daily mix rate is 600 ml.

4. Beet juice is recommended to use if there are signs of congestive prostatitis. Daily dose — 550 ml. Can be slightly diluted with water.
Do not abuse with loose stools.

Juices from prostatitis.

5. Prepare freshly squeezed cucumber juice. In a proportion of one to one, mix with asparagus juice. Up to two glasses are allowed per day.

6. Prepare a juice mix of four hundred grams of fresh strawberries, ½ soft pear and banana. Enter a little brewer’s yeast. Drink a cup of mix three times a day before meals.

7. Squeeze the juice from one orange. Drink at a time. Up to four sets are required per day. Fresh juice is prepared each time.

8. Squeeze the juice from the radish. Drink a large spoon three times to combat the exacerbation of the disease.

9. A third of the cup twice a day is recommended to use Jerusalem artichoke juice.
May cause flatulence.

10. Colza juice is taken thirty-two drops four times after a meal.

Other folk methods

Men can manage the disease not only with herbs. Many representatives of traditional medicine insist on the use of certain products and methods that demonstrate, according to them, a quick and effective result.


If prostatitis is infectious, it is recommended that treatment be performed with medical cans. The method allows you to restore the functioning of the genitals in men and increase potency.

Banks are installed in the outer sacrum. Before the procedure, the skin is wiped with an alcohol wipe. In places where banks will be installed, small incisions are made with a scarifier.

After removing the jar, the blood that comes to the surface is removed with a cotton swab. The wounds are covered with a band-aid. It takes about five treatments to heal. It is performed every few weeks.
This procedure can only be carried out by a specialist. Self-medication can be harmful!


In acute and chronic prostatitis, diet is important. Overeating should not happen, as weight gain, provoking obesity, can lead to complications. In this regard, foods from fast food, fried and fatty dishes, smoked meats, snacks are completely excluded from the diet. Refusal of alcoholic beverages is mandatory.

It is advisable to reduce the amount of red meat. Better give preference to low-fat bird. Fish are allowed freshwater or saltwater. Mandatory in the diet of whole grains, low-fat sour-milk drinks.

It is very important for men with prostatitis to eat chicken and beef liver, seaweed and eggs. Stewed or boiled vegetables should be present on the table in sufficient quantities. Preference should be given to tomatoes, cabbage. Of the fruits shown are those that improve blood formation.

Juices from prostatitis.

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