Juices from urolithiasis.

Juices from urolithiasis.

The duration of treatment of urolithiasis with juices can be from a week to three. It all depends on the well-being of the patient and the size of the stones.

1. Beet juice is highly effective in alternative treatment of urolithiasis. After pressing, it is left for a couple of hours, after which they use 100 ml three times.

2. A mix of beetroot, carrot and cucumber juice helps in eliminating the symptoms of pathology in men and women. Mix seventy milliliters. The volume is divided into two doses.

3. In eliminating kidney stones, consisting of uric acid, lemon juice helps. Before use, one hundred milliliters of juice is mixed with two liters of pure water. The daily volume of lemon liquid is two liters.

4. If urate or oxalate is present in the kidney, carrot juice is recommended. Take it fifteen minutes before a meal twice a day for a hundred milliliters.

5. Grape juice helps in removing uric acid from the body. They drink one hundred milliliters four times.
Grape juice is not recommended for problems with urination.

Juices from urolithiasis.

6. Birch sap is highly effective in the treatment of urolithiasis in adults. Use it in a cup three times a day, previously dissolving in each serving a tablespoon of natural honey.

7. Juice is extracted from fresh blueberries. Take a large mug per day, dividing into several servings.

8. With inflammatory processes in the kidneys, cranberry juice is indicated. It is squeezed from fresh or frozen berries. The daily dose is five large spoons. Before use, add a little honey.

9. From urolithiasis radish juice helps well. Root crops should be fresh, that is, May. Juice is obtained by pressing through a juicer. Drink a third of the glass three times.
Regular use of radish juice can cause malfunctions in the thyroid gland and result in goiter development.

10. Juice of black radish with urolithiasis is consumed 150 ml per day. Divided into several servings.

11. If there are kidney stones three times a day, it is useful to take a teaspoon of freshly squeezed juice of medicinal rape.

12. Fresh juice of red currant is taken in half a cup three times.

13. In a glass three times a day, use freshly squeezed juice of dioecious nettle.

14. When phosphate is present in the kidneys, the use of red mountain ash juice is recommended — fifty milliliters twice before a meal.

15. Pear juice helps in the dissolution of stones with urolithiasis. Take it fifty milliliters four times.
Pear juice is contraindicated in case of tendency to constipation.

Juices from urolithiasis.

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