Kidney stone removal.

Raisins from kidney stones.

Kidney stone removal.

I was not yet 30 years old when oxalate stones were found in my kidneys. Kidney stone removal. Urolithiasis did not bother me. Stones periodically came out, moreover with such severe pain!

Kidney stone removal.

By the way, it was a long time. Such amazing means for treatment, as now, yet was not. If the stone itself could not get out, all of the kidney was removed.

Modern doctors learned to stone and crush, and dissolve, and then I could only endure and suffer.
I often stayed in hospitals, so I saw enough of the suffering of my «colleagues in misfortune». But still it did not leave me the thought that it was possible to somehow defeat this attack.

I looked for all the familiar and unfamiliar means. And then one recipe came to me. Quite strange.
Probably, that’s why he stayed with me for a long time before I decided to try it on myself. And then only because of its simplicity and, in my opinion, complete harmlessness.

Kidney stone removal.

And the treatment is as follows:
take a large raisin, remove the bones from it. In their place, put on a pea of ​​black pepper. On the first day, thoroughly chewed, eat one zest with pepper. In the second — two highlights.
And so gradually bring up to 10 pieces a day.
And then vice versa, every day to reduce. Until you reach one raisin again.

It turns out that pepper in combination with raisins absorbs almost all types of stones. It takes them out of the kidneys and, by the way, treats other diseases of the liver and kidneys.

At first I did not believe this, but I was convinced by my own experience that it was true. After the course of treatment, my kidneys ceased to hurt. Many years have passed since then, and I do not remember them.

And yet, this recipe has been tested repeatedly, and not only on me. But also on my friends — the result is excellent for everyone.
So I advise everyone who has kidney problems. Take my advice — do not regret it.


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