Knee pain treatment.

Mumiye saves the joints.

Knee pain treatment.

Our ancestors also noticed that the use of mummy helps in the treatment of fractures of bones, dislocations, bruises. Knee pain treatment.
This curative substance also gives excellent results during the recovery period after reconstructions of the knee and hip joints, vertebrae. The mummy also helps with rheumatic joint damage.

Knee pain treatment.

With rheumatoid arthritis with fever and swelling of the joints, prepare a collection of bud grass, root of the volostushki (can be replaced by the root of the immortelle), licorice root bare, only 10 g.

Blend the mixture, mix well. A tablespoon of mixture pour a glass of steep boiling water. Insist 3-4 hours in a thermos. Cool to 40 °, strain and wring out.

Add 0.1 g of mummy and honey to taste. Drink regularly a glass one hour after a meal and at night. Usually, after 30 days, there is a significant improvement. If there are residual effects, the course can be extended.

In order to remove uric acid salts from the body, it is necessary to take 1% solution of mummy according to the following scheme:
dissolve 1 g of mummy in 1 liter of warm (not more than 40 °) boiled, and preferably distilled water.

Take 50-100 g in the morning, 1 -2 hours before meals and in the evening, 2-3 hours after eating — that is, before going to bed. Take 10 days. Then 5-7 days — a break. Again, take 10 days. Then — 5-7 days break, and so on for 1-3 years.

Approximate amount of mummy, necessary for healing, gives people the wisdom: to take as many grams as you are.

The pain relieves clay.

Clay is used in folk medicine for the treatment of all joint diseases. Including articular rheumatism.

The classical method of clay treatment:

in clay powder add water in the amount that is needed to obtain the desired consistency. This solution is recommended to be heated in a water bath to a temperature of 46 °. Then apply to a sore spot.

Most procedures last about half an hour. They need to be performed a day or two days in a row with a break for the third.
One course of treatment involves 15-20 procedures.

Clay is also useful to take inside:
A teaspoon of clay diluted in a glass of water. Drink in the morning and evening before eating. The duration of treatment is 21 days, then a 9-day break. During the reception of clay it is advisable not to drink any other medicines and do not inject.

Knee pain treatment.

Mix 1.5 cups of vodka, 3 cups of honey, 4.5 cups of radish black juice,
3 tbsp. tablespoons of table salt. Rub the mixture into the affected joints. It is desirable after a bath, before going to sleep. Simultaneously taking 30-40 ml of this mixture inside.

Mix 200 g of table salt and 100 g of mustard powder. Add to them so much purified kerosene. It turns out a mixture of consistency of sour cream. Rub into aching joints for the night.


Knee pain treatment.

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