Lavage from sinusitis.

Lavage from sinusitis.

The method shows high efficiency in the matter of quickly getting rid of the unpleasant symptoms of sinusitis. You can perform nose rinses at home (you will need a teapot with a thin nose or a regular syringe), using your own preparation.

1. An anti-inflammatory effect is endowed with chamomile broth. A decoction is indicated for use to cure polypous and other types of sinusitis. It is prepared for washing as follows: two large tablespoons of raw materials per 400 ml of water. It can be used to treat sinusitis in adults and adolescents. Equally effective in the fight against the disease during pregnancy.

2. Preparation of the composition with propolis: a glass of boiled moisture, twenty drops of propolis alcohol tincture and salt on the tip of a knife. A prescription is suitable if acute sinusitis is diagnosed.

3. An aqueous solution of celandine helps to increase vascular tone and decrease mucus viscosity. For 500 ml of liquid, take two small tablespoons of the plant’s juice and a pinch of salt.
Since celandine is poisonous, its use at home is unacceptable. Otherwise, intoxication of the body may occur.

4. In a glass of water, a small spoonful of flower honey is bred. Used to treat the disease in children, adolescents, adults and during pregnancy.
Before the procedure, it is worth checking the body for a reaction to beekeeping products.

5. Flush the nasal cavity with a sluggish form of the disease indicated by water with the addition of potassium permanganate. The procedure is carried out in the mornings and evenings.

6. Soap shavings are dissolved in 500 ml of hot water (household or baby soap). Perform washing in the evenings.

Lavage from sinusitis.

7. To 200 ml of room temperature moisture add a teaspoon of soda and salt. Rinse your nose no more than four times a day. A prescription for the treatment of the disease in children, adolescents and adults is shown. It can also be used during pregnancy.

8. A large leaf of a golden mustache is steamed with a mug of hot liquid for one hour. After pressing the raw material, it is used for washing up to three times a day. You can perform the treatment of inflammation in children and during pregnancy. It treats catarrhal and right-sided types of inflammation well.

9. To 300 ml of boiling water add a tablespoon of dry mint. After half an hour, filter. Five drops of rosemary oil are introduced into the infusion. Apply twice to cure the polypous form of inflammation.

10. A homogeneous type of disease is recommended to be treated with washes with the following composition: a glass of water at room temperature, half a dessert spoon of iodine and the same amount of potassium permanganate. A similar recipe looks like this: a glass of warm moisture, a quarter of a tablespoon of iodine and a teaspoon of sea salt.

11. Dissolve a tablet of “Furacilin” in a cup of hot moisture. With a light yellow shade, rinses are performed for children and adults, if it is necessary to cure bilateral, monotonous or catarrhal types of pathology.

12. High efficacy is demonstrated by washing with Essentuki mineral water. Gases are released before use. Sessions are held up to seven times a day. The recipe is indicated for children and adults who have catarrhal or chronic sinusitis.

Lavage from sinusitis.

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