Learning not to overeat.

Learning not to overeat. Lose weight easily!

Lose weight without difficulty and problems can reduce the size of the stomach.
This method is harmless and guarantees a stable weight loss effect.
Our stomach has the size of one adult man’s fist. But because of overeating, it stretches and can have a capacity of 4 liters.

In some neglected cases, the stomach can be stretched to 7.5 liters. Just imagine just how much we overeat?

We drink a lot of liquids while eating. We eat not when hungry. Very often we eat in a hurry.

All these factors lead to stretching of the stomach. Also eating excess food, which is stored in the form of fat in our body.

But there are simple ways to cope with this disaster:

* eating in small fractions and in small portions;

* Prefer soups, liquid porridges, salads;

* the food must be thoroughly chewed;

* drink water or tea 30 minutes before or after eating;

* eat only when experiencing a real famine;

* Eat fruit before eating for 30 minutes. Since they are not digested in the stomach and immediately enter the intestine. Therefore, after eating the fruit after the main meal they will begin fermentation and decomposition.

In a couple of months your stomach will decrease in volume. You will lose 12 to 15 extra kilograms without costs and effort.

Learning not to overeat. Lose weight easily!

Never skip meals, no matter how much you want it for a quicker result in the fight against excess weight!

To eat it is necessary in small portions with an interval of 2-3 hours. This trick can always be full. And will not allow a decrease in metabolism.

Vegetables, fruits and freshly squeezed juices are required to be present in your diet. They saturate the body with oxygen. They give the necessary nutrients. Purify from the slag. Inhibit toxins. Help to lose weight.

Fruits and vegetables at one time should be eaten as much as is placed in your handful or in one small bowl. The intake of fruits and vegetables should not be less than 5-6 per day.

It happens that by allowing yourself an extra piece of cake you start to despair. To think that everything went wrong. What is eaten — something eaten …
It’s okay … As they say «on health»!

And pamper yourself from time to time is necessary. So that there will be no disruptions leading to uncontrolled overeating. The main thing that everything was in moderation.

If you arrange twice a week unloading days, in which you can drink only water, then in two weeks you just do not know yourself! Get well and get rid of the extra 7-9 kg per month.


Learning not to overeat.

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