Lifting botox with soap foam.

Lifting botox with soap foam.

Lifting-botox with soap foam at home — will help quickly rejuvenate, tighten the face and smooth out wrinkles!

This mask is called the foam lifting botox. Its action is based on deep cleansing and mild skin degreasing, which leads to the effect of tightening the face and smoothing wrinkles.

The original recipe recommends using classic laundry soap, the one with 72% fatty acids content. You can take any other soap, but with a minimum content of glycerin.

If you have soap without glycerin in its composition, it is even better.

How to make a foam lifting botox

Cleanse your skin completely: remove your makeup and wash your face in your usual way.

Whip the soap into a thick, airy foam. Any wet kitchen sponge will do the trick, a new one naturally. New sponge nets will work, too.

If you want something special, you can soak the sponge in strong green tea, infusion of parsley, mint, sage, fennel seeds.

If the skin is dry or overdry, apply a thin layer of any oil on your wet face, the area under the jaw, neck and decollete, even butter oil. If your skin is oily or normal, just moisten generously with water.

On top, apply a layer of foam. Do not apply the foam directly to the skin around the eyes, so as not to get soap in the eyes. Apply only around the lower eyelid bone, and don’t forget the temples. If you have high eyebrows, you can also apply foam to them.

Wait until the foam settles a little, and then apply two or four more layers.

Wait until the last layer dries, and then rinse the mask along the massage lines. If the mask does not wash off well and soapy residue is left on the skin, wash your face with skin care products, you can even use products for intimate care with lactic acid — the acidity is 4,7% and this is exactly the time we need to acidify the skin.

Wipe your skin with an acidic tonic or slightly acidified with lemon juice or natural vinegar water, and immediately apply a thin layer of light non-greasy moisturizer: serum, gel, light cream gel.

Assess the results.

If your skin is too tight, then after about 20 minutes, moisturize just where you need it.

The owners of dry and thin skin can make such a mask not more often than once in two or three weeks. If your skin is normal, once every two weeks will be enough.

The owners of oily skin foam lifting botox should not be too keen and once every 10-14 days will be enough.

The preliminary test for allergies and other cases of individual intolerance, as always, is mandatory. Common sense and knowledge of the peculiarities of your skin will also never hurt.

Lifting botox with soap foam.

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