Look 10 years younger.

Look 10 years younger.

5 days by the Japanese method, minus 10 years.

For many years, Japanese women have never revealed their secrets to anyone. Looking at their well-groomed faces, it is difficult to determine how old they are. Even in 70 years, they look at 35, and carefully stored miraculous recipes. Modern high technology countries of the rising sun are easily combined with old traditions and recipes for healing the body.

Now, many techniques and ancient recipes have become available to all. The main thing in this action is a skillful combination of non-traditional recipes with strict adherence to the sequence of their application.

All the proposed secrets of female beauty have the same basis — milk. Japanese women are sure that milk is harmful for adults. Drink it should only little children. Japanese beauties use milk to make miraculous masks.

The program includes 5 procedures that should be performed for 5 days. They are carried out strictly, once a month, no more, no less.

Perform the procedure is recommended before bedtime. During this time, the skin is in a relaxed state and most susceptible to the effects of home rejuvenating masks.

Description of the procedure for skin rejuvenation.

Improvement of the skin is carried out according to the following scheme:

1. On the first day, it is recommended to clean the skin of the face. Prepare a milk mask with oatmeal. Take half a glass of ground oatmeal and mix with 200 ml of warm milk. The mixture should resemble thick sour cream. Milk mask for half an hour applied to the face. It is recommended to wash it off with warm boiled water.

2. On the second day, the face is peeling. The procedure helps to remove the elements of dead skin, after which it is renewed, acquires freshness and velvety. For the preparation of required sugar (50 grams) and milk (200 ml). Sugar is slowly diluted with milk. Get a homogeneous gruel.

It is carefully applied to the face. It should perform light massage movements, which are carried out strictly in the direction of the massage lines. The duration of the procedure is 7 minutes. After that, it is left for another 10 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

5 days by the Japanese method, minus 10 years.

3. On the 3rd day, skin whitening is performed. Take 200 ml of milk, 7 strawberries, a tablespoon of almond oil. The berries are dipped in milk, and everything is brought to a boil over low heat. After a minute, turn off the heat, and get the berries. Knead them with a fork to the state of mashed potatoes. Add almond oil to this mixture and mix. Apply to face for half an hour. Wash off with warm water.

4. On the fourth day, a moisturizing procedure is carried out, which gives the skin elasticity and moisturizes it. Take a fresh cucumber (2 small), grated. Juice is removed, and hot milk (4 tbsp.) Is added to the remaining cucumber mixture. All mixed and applied mask for a third of an hour (20 minutes). Wash off with boiled water.

5. On the 5th day, a lifting (tightening) is performed. They take milk (1 tbsp. L.), Honey (1 tbsp. L.) And 1 egg. Honey and milk are thoroughly mixed, an egg is added, and everything is whipped. The mask is applied to the face until it is completely dry. Rinse with boiled water.

Having performed all the stages of rejuvenation successively, the beauty in Japanese will shine, and the skin will delight you with extraordinary freshness and radiant beauty. Having added the effect of a charming smile, you can be sure that you are beautiful. This will be said by the enchanted men.


5 days by the Japanese method, minus 10 years.

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