Lose belly fat.

Diet for the stomach.

Lose belly fat.

A diet for the abdomen will help women to maximize this part of the body. The abdomen is a great place to store fat deposits that spoil our lives. To declare war on them in the abdomen, we need to start working on our digestive system. Lose belly fat. Proper functioning of the gastrointestinal tract together with physical activity will help you to bring this sexy part of the female body to life.

Lose belly fat.

Diet for the stomach requires you to limit yourself to certain foods and reconsider your culinary habits. Diet for the stomach has a number of commandments that you definitely need to observe:

— Exclude salt and alcohol from your diet. Exposed to the persecution is coffee, which can be replaced with green or white tea without sugar;

— Reduce as much as possible, and ideally, and refuse to eat sweets, cakes and white fresh bread (dried bread can be eaten);

— the food should be fractional — in small portions at short intervals. Ideally, the amount of food should not exceed two of your handfuls, and breaks between meals vary from 3 to 3.5 hours. In the end, you get 5 meals a day;

— lean on oranges, watercress and lemon juice;

— Drink a day at least 1.5 liters of still water.

The belly diet offers you the following menu:

— breakfast: one small slice of bread and a soft-boiled egg;

-the second breakfast: 2-3 apples or orange;

— Lunch: 250 g of low-fat fish or 250 g of chicken breast without skin and fat, garnish with vegetable salad;

— snack: soup dish without meat (preferably vegetable);

— Supper: 250 g of veal on the grill or cooked without fat, as a side dish — an orange.

Lose belly fat.

Diet for the stomach must necessarily be backed by physical exercises. This, firstly, will strengthen the effect of the diet for the abdomen in terms of parting with fatty deposits, and secondly, it will help maintain the elasticity and elasticity of the skin in the abdomen. Those who disregard exercise, risk remaining after losing weight with ugly flabby folds in the places of the former accumulation of fat.

Such exercises that support a diet for the stomach are not many, but they are very effective. First of all, you will be helped by a hoop, which you can twist even the whole day. As a second assistant, standard exercises for the press that are part of any complex, including school physical education, will suit you.

For a snack, we offer you another effective exercise, which is performed in conjunction with a stomach diet. The starting position is sitting on a chair, the back is straight, the legs together are knees bent at right angles, the feet on the floor. Then pull your hands forward and lower your chin. On exhalation tighten the abdomen and slowly descend forward until the moment you touch the floor with your hands. In this position, inhale, exhale and return to the starting position. On the first day, repeat the exercise 3 times, and on each subsequent day it is necessary to increase the number of repetitions by one.


Lose belly fat.

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