Lose weight and increase immunity.

Lose weight and increase immunity.

Lemon, ginger and honey for weight loss.

So, what changes in the body when you regularly use a mixture of ginger with lemon and honey:

A permanent mode of getting rid of metabolic products from the intestines is established, thanks to which the digestive system is cleared and excess water, toxins and bacteria are promptly removed;

Already on the second week of receiving the healing mixture there is a decrease in appetite;

The feeling of intense hunger disappears thanks to the constant feeding of the body with useful carbohydrates from honey, which is enough to meet the need for energy, but not too much to depot fat reserves.

Continuous intake of one teaspoon of the vitamin mixture in the morning an hour before meals and in the evening at about 7:00 p.m. avoids the hunger attacks that cause many people to overeat, especially in the late evening;

There is a significant increase in vitality. Gains strength for daily walks, physical exercise and sports. The combination of lemon, ginger and honey relieves long-lasting depression, returns dopamine receptors, responsible for the pleasure of mental stress, the ability to enjoy every new moment lived;

Accelerated metabolism due to the action of ginger and lemon avoids drowsiness after every meal;

The desire to lie in bed upon awakening is eliminated. Chronic muscle fatigue is relieved, and the vivacity of a young body returns.

How to prepare a mixture of ginger, lemon and honey?

Classic recipe:

Pure young ginger root in the amount of 250 g is ground on a grater.
Lemons are scalded with boiling water, grind together with the skin.
Put the products in a glass container, add 250 g of liquid honey.
Cover the container with plastic wrap or lid.
Take it to the fridge for 24 hours.

Take a teaspoon each morning and evening, before a meal with water. The course is repeated two times a year, in the spring and fall. This recipe helps to improve immunity. It can be used by adults and the elderly, no less useful is a honey-ginger mixture for children.

The prepared composition can be used as a base for tea, which is especially relevant in the cold season. A teaspoon of the mixture is dissolved in 200 ml of warm water, drink the drink 2 times a day. Tea allows you to reduce inflammation, get rid of coughs, ease the course of a cold and saturate the body with vitamins.

Ginger lemonade

From ginger, honey and lemon can be made not only a concentrated medicinal mixture, but also a healthy healthful lemonade, which can be served at the table for holidays and other events.

Like the mixture of ginger with honey and lemon, it too is prepared very simply:

100 grams of ginger root is ground and sliced into circles.

The sliced ginger is poured with a glass of water and boiled for 3-4 minutes;

All the juice is extracted from the lemon with a juicer;

The ginger decoction is strained into a lemonade container (jug or other suitable vessel), and all the lemon juice is added;

The lemonade is sweetened to taste with honey (2-3 teaspoons), and the remaining volume is supplemented with cold boiled water.

By adding a mixture of ginger, honey and lemon to various products, you can prepare delicious and healthy cookies, ice cream, porridges and other dishes for children.

Healthy mixture of ginger and lemon and honey for weight loss

The well-known Indian Ayurveda school of medicine calls ginger a product that «kindles the inner fire.» This refers to the ability of ginger to burn stored fat, which is realized through the intensification of oxygen metabolism in the tissues of the body.

Of course, a cup of ginger tea will not make you miraculously thin or athletically handsome. As with other natural remedies, you need a systematic approach, which gives even if not very fast, but firmly fixed result.

Lose weight and increase immunity.

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