Lung cancer treatment.

Diseases of the lungs: advises herbalist.

Lung cancer treatment.

Strongly active medicinal plants.

After cleansing the body, it is possible to connect the reception of potent herbs to complex treatment. It is after the preparation of the body by the cleansing indicated above that these potent herbs will have a stronger therapeutic effect

Lung cancer treatment.

To potent plants, which are advisable to use when cancer of the lung, include hemlock, aconite, cocklebur.

The boligolov possesses cold properties, relieves inflammation and it is able to normalize the elevated body temperature.

Boligol has anti-tumor properties, reduces fever, and also expands bronchial tubes and relieves spasms from them, improves metabolic processes in lung tissue. Therefore hemlock is indicated for lung cancer.

The impact of hemlock on the body is tantamount to chemotherapy, only this is herbal chemotherapy, which acts more gently and is easier to tolerate. In addition, hemlock removes intoxication, has an immunostimulating property and acts as an antidepressant.

Due to all these properties, hemlock has its invaluable therapeutic effect.

Expectorant herbs are needed.

With lung cancer, it is necessary to take medicinal plants that improve the drainage function of the lungs and bronchi, that is, it is necessary to clean the bronchi and lungs from the intoxication there, from the mucus.

To expectorant herbs include, for example, mother-and-stepmother, plantain, sage, mullein, thyme, cetrarium Icelandic (Icelandic moss), hyssop officinalis.

Avicenna also wrote that hyssop on wine is an integral part of the treatment of lung cancer. You can insist hyssop on any fault, but it is best, perhaps, on a dry white wine.

Do about this wine about 10% infusion, which then take — a glass before eating.

Only hyssop can not be taken simultaneously with the hemlock (before one meal), but if you take hemlock only in the morning, then before dinner and before dinner you can take the hyssop tincture on the wine.

Expectorant herbs can and is useful to alternate: a week you drink one
Of these herbs, another week — the next grass, etc.

In the intake of herbs, it is advisable to add plants containing organosilicon substances, because the lung and bronchial tissue contains silicon, and that the medicines in the body are directed to the place necessary for treatment (to the lungs and bronchi), plants rich in silicon should be used.

Such plants are the pickler, wheatgrass (you can use both grass and roots), sporish, horsetail.


Lung cancer treatment.

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