Marshmallow root in cosmetology.

Marshmallow root in cosmetology.

Althea is actively used in the production of cosmetic products for skin care: masks, sunscreens and cleansing agents, deodorants, etc.

The plant is even included in children’s products — creams and lotions for diaper rash (including for hypersensitive skin). Althea is also used in hair cosmetics: shampoos, rinses and sprays.

Marshmallow acts gently and carefully. It is suitable for different types of skin (normal, dry, oily) and is used for different problems.

The most popular marshmallow root is as a moisturizer for dry skin of the face and neck. In this case, compresses and lotions are used for care.


Compresses are suitable for restoring very dry skin, which has begun to peel off due to excessive dehydration. To do this, you need to prepare an infusion: 2 tbsp. l. crushed root is poured with 300 ml of water (cold, but boiled), left to infuse for an hour.

Holes are made in a gauze napkin for the eyes and mouth, moistened in a strained infusion and applied to the face and neck for 20-30 minutes. After such a compress, the skin seems softer and more moisturized, a tonic effect is felt.

Homemade lotion.

Similarly, homemade lotion is prepared. For him you need 1 tsp. pour 200 ml of boiling water over the dried root, leave for 2 hours and strain. Several times a day with this infusion, you need to wipe your face and neck with a cotton or gauze swab.

Marshmallow root is a natural acne-soothing remedy. If there is such inflammation on the skin, it is useful to apply lotions.

The infusion for them is prepared as follows: 1 tbsp. l. dry raw materials are poured with a glass of cold boiled water. Insist for two hours and filter.

The tool is also suitable for applications. Marshmallow root will eliminate inflammation and redness, as well as reduce the activity of sebaceous secretions if the skin is oily.

It is useful for owners of normal skin to use marshmallow root to maintain its healthy appearance. An easy way is to prepare ice and use it instead of your morning wash.

The recipe for an infusion for freezing is simple: 1 tsp. Pour raw materials with a glass of cold boiled water and let it brew for 30 minutes. Then we filter and wait until the product cools down completely; pour into molds and put in the freezer.

If the skin is dry between the fingers or toes, marshmallow root will also help. You can prepare an infusion for one of the previous recipes and make lotions. Marshmallow will relieve redness and soften the skin.

Cold infusion of marshmallow tones the skin, and therefore is also used to treat excessive sweating of the legs and manifestations of diaper rash. For men, it can be used for irritation after shaving.

Marshmallow root helps to get rid of painful calluses and corns. The plant affects the affected areas in a complex way: softens, disinfects, heals. To get rid of the problem, use lotions with a decoction or infusion of the plant.

Althea will also help with complex skin problems:

purulent wounds;
fungal infections;


For hair care, marshmallow is most often used as a growth stimulant. This is possible due to the fact that safe plant sterols in the root of the plant act at a hormonal level, «awakening» the follicles.

To activate growth, an infusion of marshmallow root is rubbed into the hair. To cook it, you need 3 tbsp. l. dry raw materials and 100–150 ml of boiled but cooled water.

The product is insisted for an hour, and then rubbed into the scalp with light massage movements. Before that, the hair must be rinsed and wait until it dries out a little.

There is another means for rubbing. The crushed marshmallow root is infused in olive and burdock oil — these are also popular hair growth products. For 10-14 days, this product should be rubbed into the scalp one hour before washing your hair.

Since the root of marshmallow contains mucus, it has been compared to flaxseed, which is often used to add shine to hair. If you use a decoction of marshmallow for rinsing, the effect will be similar: the hair becomes smooth, like after a conditioner.

When using marshmallow root to stimulate hair growth or to add shine, there will be other effects:

easy combing;
hydration and retention of moisture in the epidermis;
protection from external factors.

External use of the marshmallow root has no special contraindications. But funds based on it can cause an allergic reaction: different types of irritation — itching or urticaria, etc. For any manifestations of plant intolerance, its use must be abandoned.

Marshmallow root in cosmetology.

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