Massage for bronchitis.

Massage for bronchitis.

Massage for bronchitis is prescribed for children and adults. There are several recommended types of therapy:


It is performed by tapping the fist on the back, bypassing the spine. Tapping should be rhythmic and accurate. The procedure helps to cough up sputum. Vibration massage is indicated even for an illness in the baby, but in this case, tapping is performed through the palm of the hand.


Initially, the patient’s procedures are laid on the stomach and perform warming movements, rubbing the skin. As soon as the skin turns red, they pass to the point effect with the fingertips, moving along the back from the bottom up.

The last step is to compress the diaphragm with both hands. After the session, the patient should cough well.


This type of massage is performed using special jars that can be bought at the pharmacy. The procedure helps to strengthen the respiratory system, increases the protective properties of the body and accelerates recovery.

Before starting the procedure, the patient’s back is warmed up. Stroking and compressing movements, rubbing are performed.

Then the cans themselves are prepared: they set fire to a cotton swab soaked in alcohol and hold it over the can, thereby cutting the air in it.

Once the manipulation is completed, the jar is set on the back next to the shoulder blade. Children put no more than four cans, adults are allowed to use more. Banks are moved along the back without tearing them from the skin.

At the end of the massage, the patient is put to bed for a couple of hours and wrapped in a blanket.


The beekeeping product is rich in minerals and biologically active substances. Massage with its use stimulates sputum discharge and increases the chances of a quick recovery.

The product for the session is taken only fresh and natural. Massage is performed with light massaging movements. As honey is absorbed, they move to patting movements.

The procedure lasts no more than fifteen minutes, after which the patient takes a warm shower.
It is unacceptable to perform any type of massage yourself.

A person without special skills is more likely to do harm than help. In addition, the procedure should be abstained in the acute stage of bronchitis and when body temperature exceeds 37 degrees.

Healing oil for bronchitis.

Grind six cloves of garlic. Mix with 100 g butter. A bunch of chopped dill is sent to the mixture. Used as a spread on bread. The tool shows high efficiency in case of advanced disease.

Therapeutic mixture

Three lemons are passed through a meat grinder along with the skin. The kernels of twenty walnuts are ground into powder. Combine the components, inject half a liter of honey and three hundred milliliters of freshly squeezed aloe juice. Top up a glass of Cahors.

Use the finished folk remedy as a resolving agent for bronchitis, taking a tablespoon on an empty stomach three times.

Onion bath

In the chronic form of the disease, a bath with onions helps. Two hundred and fifty grams of onion husks are placed in a small bag and placed in a pan, where there are five liters of water.

Boil for half an hour and pour the broth into a full bath of 39 degrees. The duration of the procedure is twenty minutes. Several sessions per week are considered effective for quickly eliminating unpleasant symptoms.

Massage for bronchitis.

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