Medicative herb

BARVINOK — Evergreen healer.

Medicative herb.

The mention of the medicinal properties of periwinkle can be found already in Dioscorides and Pliny the Elder. Since olden times people attributed to the magical periwinkle plants, attributed to him miraculous power, called it grass loyalty, a symbol of eternity and permanence. Medicative herb.

From ancient times, this plant is widespread in the wild and often beautiful carpets the ground solid evergreen carpet. Of particular popularity of the plant obtained at the beginning of the eighteenth century, when it was used for various diseases, and most often — as a sedative and a hypotensive agent.

Medicative herb.

Small Periwinkle — a perennial evergreen plant family kutrovyh. Its height of 15-25 cm Grows in the European part of Russia, the Caucasus, the Crimea, Ukraine and Belarus — on the edges of forests and steppe slopes.

In any textbook on herbal medicine, in the section on treatment of cancer, periwinkle given a special place. In the treatment of malignant tumors periwinkle almost leads along with plants such as mistletoe, prickly thistle, spotted hemlock.

Medicative herb.

Some experienced herbalists characterize periwinkle as a very valuable medicinal plant remedy.
The great strength of the periwinkle — in its chemical composition.

It should be emphasized that the periwinkle rich in molybdenum. Determined that
This element prevents the development of esophageal cancer, protect against gout, impotence, and prevents the development of dental caries, delaying fluoride.

A number of alkaloids comprising the vinca ones in nature to reserpine, lower blood pressure, and widen the heart vessels of the brain, muscles relax and stimulate intestinal contraction of the uterus.

The main alkaloid plants — vincamine — improves cerebral blood flow and brain tissue oxygen uptake. Since the days of ancient medicine periwinkle is used as a sedative, reduces dizziness and headaches, lowering blood pressure.

Intimidating increase in the number of cancer causes to look again at those herbs that gave us the Lord God. Among the most active medicinal plants for the treatment of tumor diseases, scientists in Europe include periwinkle, and is especially popular this plant in Germany and Bulgaria. Vinca alkaloids commonly used in cytostatic therapy.

In nature, there are some species of this plant:
periwinkle and pink periwinkle, periwinkle straight, forest and hairy — they all have anti-tumor activity.


From periwinkle can be made at home infusion conditions. A teaspoon of chopped herbs pour 220 ml of water, simmer on low heat for 15 minutes, cool, strain, wring out the residue. Take during the day for 1/3 cup 3 times a day. The same infusion can be used externally.

I emphasize that the use of periwinkle should be carefully controlled and better-fitoterapevta doctor, since all parts of the plant are poisonous.

As an external means of periwinkle has long been used for cosmetic purposes: washing his face extract makes the skin soft, velvety, supple and gives it a pleasant shade.

You can use the periwinkle to rinse the throat and toothache. Fresh leaves are used to stop bleeding and as a wound-healing agent.

Periwinkle Pink — herbaceous perennial evergreen shrub up to 70 cm, which has pink or white flowers. It grows in all tropical and subtropical countries. Its products have applications similar to vinca small.

Obtained from vinca drugs for treating leukemia, cell lymphoma, breast cancer, ovarian, uterine cervix. It is especially effective in the treatment of pink periwinkle limfogranulomatoz, gematosarkomy, multiple myeloma, leukemia. It is widely used throughout the world.


Medicative herb.

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