Medicine for sore throat.

Tatar’s potion for colds.

Medicine for sore throat.

It is said that the Tartars brought the ayr to us.
They always had this healing root, which supported their strength in long campaigns. Medicine for sore throat.
To prevent colds, a piece of root (0.5-1 g) is recommended to dissolve 3-4 times a day. You will definitely like its specific taste.

Shield for colds.

Coldness and dampness have already become our constant guests. And along with them come to us colds, flu and sore throats. I want to tell you how, for several years now, I have been able to fight the quinsy, quickly picking up anyone who needs help.

You need to take 100 g of honey and a tablespoon of raspberry jam, put everything in enameled dishes, mix and slowly bring to a boil, without stopping stirring.
Before the boil, this mixture becomes liquid (honey boils already at temperature 60 °). Remove the container from the fire, cool it a bit and allow the contents to be taken to the patient. After that, put him to bed, warming up. Relief comes at once, and several times this treatment angina goes completely and without consequences.

We are treated in the kitchen.

I will be glad to share the «kitchen» medicinal recipes with readers:

From a cough: 0,5 kg of chopped onion, 50 g of honey, 300 g of sugar cook in a liter of water for 3 hours. Take a tablespoon 4-6 times a day.

Bronchitis: 30-40 minutes before a meal, drink on an empty stomach 2 fresh eggs.

Razdolkite cloves and brew 0.5 tsp powder in a glass of water. With this solution, rinse your mouth with sore throat.


Medicine for sore throat.

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