Memory loss.

Memory attenuation.

Memory loss.

It is believed that the weakening of memory in the elderly is a natural phenomenon that signals the aging of the body. Do not agree! Memory loss.
It is quite possible to suspend this process with the help of folk remedies. An example of this is my grandfather and great-grandfather, who lived to a very old age with wonderful memory and sane mind.

They and I left some of their recipes for memory:

• Tea from the collection: a scented cherry and a herb of the motherwort — 20 grams, a blackberry leaf — 25 grams, a hawthorn — 10 g, marsh swine and leaves of mistletoe — 15 grams. Mix, pour 3 cups of boiling water. Brew for 20-30 minutes. Take in the form of tea 3-4 glasses daily.

• The healing properties of Kalanchoe leaves are known. On the edge of the leaf at the Kalanchoe are the so-called «babes» — small plants that are attached to the leaf. To delay aging, keep the brain working and improve immunity, it is recommended to eat 1 tbsp. A spoonful of such «children» per day. Plants should be freshly harvested.

• The mixture, based on honey, also applies to remedies that stimulate memory and, in general, the activity of the brain in elderly people.
Take 1 liter of honey, squeeze 10 lemons, peel and grind 10 heads (not denticles) of garlic in a meat grinder.
Mix it all and leave it in a closed jar for a week. Take daily for 2 months for 4 teaspoons 1 time per day. This Russian folk remedy cures even the weakest old men, who are «decrepit» both physically and mentally.


Memory loss.

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