Men’s Herbs

Men’s Herbs.

Bright sensual satisfaction brings people a sex life. Men’s Herbs.
But, unfortunately, there comes a time when the sexual function weakens, especially in men, when a man is not able to perform sexual intercourse, to give pleasure to yourself and your beloved.

It is believed that the usefulness of the sexual function of a man depends, in the main, on the general state of health. And the appearance of a decrease in erection and sexual desire indicates the presence of serious problems in the state of health.

Pharmacy vegetable gardens and medicines of our ancestors.

For famous doctors of antiquity there were no secrets in the treatment of the most complex diseases of the intimate sphere. In the works of the ancient Greek thinker and physician Hippocrates, the famous doctor of the Roman army of the Greek Dioscorides, the largest physician and naturalist Galen described methods of healing with the help of almost 1000 species of medicinal plants.

In the 17th century, gardens for growing medicinal plants were broken up in Moscow — «apothecary gardens».

Let’s give a recipe for «royal medicine» to enhance the erection of the greatest doctor of antiquity Avicenna.

Take 6 g of onion seeds, 9 g of wild carrot seeds, 12 grams of nettle and white poppy seeds, 15 g of purified sesame, 18 g of sugar.
Grind (you can in a coffee grinder) and mix.
Take 1 teaspoon of a mixture with 2 tbsp. Spoons of dessert wine.

Men’s Herbs.

To increase the male potency Avicenna recommended regularly use ginger, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, clove, tubers, musk (odoriferous product of vegetable or animal origin), honey and other foods rich in biologically active substances.

Another ancient recipe for men.

Take 1 kg of wild asparagus, cow’s milk and butter, 90 g of carrot and turnip seeds. All dry products are ground and mixed with milk and butter.
Boil until the milk is evaporated and a thick mass remains. Take 85 or 170 g once a day.


Men's Herbs.

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