Middle ear infection treatments.

To my ears did not hurt.

Middle ear infection treatments.

It’s good if you have never had ears hurt. Middle ear infection treatments. But when such a disaster catches up, pain simply can not stand.
Therefore, ear illnesses must be treated on time and thoroughly, and my advice can help in this:

• Infusion of the herb of the angustifolia (Ivan-tea): 2 tablespoons are taken. Spoons of herbs are poured in a thermos bottle with 2 glasses of water. Infuse 6 hours and do earplugs.

• In this case, the juice of the ramson also helps. This juice (injected tampons) treat purulent inflammation of the ears.

• In a slurry and onion juice add a little flaxseed or butter. Introduce this mixture with a tampon in the ear with purulent otitis.

• In case of leakage from the ear, douche it with a warm infusion of chamomile herbs — 1 teaspoon of dry herb to a glass of water, insist, strain.
If the leak is persistent, you need to see a doctor, since the inflammatory process can go to the periosteum and cause inflammation of the meninges.

• Prepare strong tea from rose hips, juice of grated carrots and a small amount of cream. Put into the ear with purulent inflammation.

• And if the pain with lumbago and the cause of the cold’s pain, you need to heat a brick or a large stone, wrap it in a rag, attach it to a sick ear and keep it for two hours. In doing so, take some potion to cause sweating.

• You can also take linen cloth, impregnate it with melted wax (or spread a thin layer of wax on it), roll up the matter with a funnel, insert a narrow end into the ear, and light the wide end. When the rag burns almost to the ear, throw away the rest of the funnel with your hand. With this procedure, all dirt and pus will come out of your ear. The disease slowly but surely will decline.


Middle ear infection treatments.

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