Middle ear infection.

If the ear is ill.

Middle ear infection.

I, as they say, «started up» my ears. At first, she «squished» her nose, then her right ear fell ill, and after a while her left. Well, I think it will hurt and pass by itself. Middle ear infection.

The pain intensified. Had to be treated. I, too, warmed myself with a blue lamp, and buried boric alcohol, but I think that I was cured by raspberries. In the summer I prepared berries and berries, and leaves, and roots.

This wonderful shrub all healing. I cleaned the roots of raspberry, finely chopped it.
2-3 tbsp. Spoons of roots flooded in 1 liter of water and insisted 12 hours.
Saw 3/4 cups a day for a month 2 times a day. The same infusion washed the sick ears. Now I’m healthy.

Thank honey and horseradish.

At the feet I bow to horseradish and honey for the fact that my ears are cured. But even more grateful to my grandmother for her wisdom and for the recipe this wonderful.

On her advice, I in a sore ear instilled 3-4 drops of fresh horseradish juice 2 times a day for several days. And for the night in the ear inserted a tampon with honey. Top covered with a steamed horseradish sheet (but you can close it with a fresh sheet). Not a tricky treatment, but relieved the torment very quickly.


Middle ear infection.

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