Miracle cure for sciatica

Miracle cure for sciatica.

If you chill very back. How to use the national means to cure the disease. Miracle cure for sciatica.

Recipe: Take a hat blooming sunflower, cut it into pieces and then mince. Half a piece of soap Grate, connect with gruel of sunflower and pour 500 g of vodka or moonshine (stronger). The mixture was put in a glass jar and mix to soap is completely dissolved.

Then close the lid and jar caproic put in a dark place for 2 weeks. After this time, open the jar and again mix the contents.

At night, take 1 tbsp. Spoon this means little heat it and rub his back. In order not to stain the bed, cover with grated seat fabric, be sure to tie up top woolen shawl. Use every day until the time until you feel relief. With this prescription can treat the back.

Loins no longer be disturbed. Health to all!

For sciatica, they advised to pick horseradish leaves, and as many as the fingers of one hand can hold.

The leaves need to be chopped and then boiled until green. Moreover, if the broth is too dark, you need to dilute it.

Before the procedure, take a bath — so warm that the body softens. Then fill the bath with the resulting broth.

Lie as long as you have enough patience. This is exactly what I did. And he cured himself immediately!


Miracle cure for sciatica

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