Mushroom tea: Recipes with a tea mushroom.

Recipes with a tea mushroom.

Mushroom tea: Recipes with a tea mushroom.

Effective recipes with a tea mushroom, which have been repeatedly checked by me personally and by many of my friends.

• Tea mushroom infusion — has strong bactericidal properties.
It is well used as a highly effective drug against intestinal infection.

• The tea mushroom drink cleans the body of the accumulated over the years toxins and wastes. Promotes strengthening of the body’s defense system. Increases human performance. Infusion is famous for its ability to kill all harmful to humans viruses and microbes.

• If you have inflamed eyes. Divide the infusion with boiled water 1: 1 and rinse them. It removes inflammation, tension and fatigue.

• If you have sweating of hands or feet. Do daily baths with infusion of tea fungus. Baths will get rid of sweating and kill a fungus that causes sweating.

• For burns. It is enough to put the exfoliated tea mushroom on the damaged area. Inflammation and redness from a burn quickly passes.
Usually, if the burn is not very deep, the healing does not leave traces on the skin.

• In case of ear inflammation, otitis. Make an all-night compress. Moisten the infusion of mushroom with a gauze napkin. Attach to a sore spot. Top with cellophane and a layer of cotton wool. Tie a warm handkerchief.
A steam bath for a sick ear will also help. Heat the liter of boiling water in an enameled pot. Remove from heat. Gently tilt the sore ear over the steam. Cover your head with a large towel so that the steam gets into your ear.

• Migraine. Will pass after taking 2-3 glasses a day infusion of tea fungus.

• Atherosclerosis and hypertension. Tea mushroom infusion not only cleans the blood of fats. Reduces high cholesterol in the blood. What contributes to the thickening of blood, but also dilutes the blood. Taking 2-3 glasses a day successfully removes high blood pressure.


Mushroom tea

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