Mustard face masks.

Mustard face masks.

Mustard face masks. Recipes for wrinkles and acne.

Surprisingly, this plant with bright yellow inflorescences is a close relative of cabbage. The delicate aroma and pungent burning taste made seasoning beloved throughout the planet. The use of mustard for the face has become due to its excellent bactericidal properties. Spicy powder helps restore freshness and firmness to the skin.

Mustard Skin Benefits

In cosmetology, the effect of mustard helps to cope:
1. Laxity and loss of tone;
2. Age and photo wrinkles;
3. Uneven pigmentation and freckles;
4. Acne and comedones.

The composition is rich:
sinigrin glycoside;
vitamins A, C, group B;
essential oils;
organic acids;
mineral elements.

Contraindications — individual intolerance, severe rosacea, herpes, wounds, burns, cracks, a large number of moles. Harm can be for sensitive skin, it is better to refuse to use the composition. Masks with mustard have a warming effect, so we recommend applying before bedtime.

Rules and tips for the use of mustard for the face

1. Be sure to test the mustard face mask after cooking for a possible allergic reaction, apply it on your wrist and wait about ten minutes;
2. The maximum mustard mask can be kept for up to fifteen minutes, this allows you to achieve a peeling effect, if used longer, it is easy to get a tissue burn;
3. It is recommended to use mustard for the skin in the form of a powder, which has a more gentle effect, it is previously convenient to turn it into a paste, diluting it with mineral water;
4. After washing off the composition moisturize with a nutritious emulsion, otherwise dryness and peeling are observed;
5. To rejuvenate mustard procedures, combine with facial massage and lifting gels;
6. Before distributing the composition of the mask, protect the eyelids and lips with a nourishing cream;
7. Do not use mustard for dermatitis, it is easy to aggravate and aggravate the course of the disease;
8. The frequency of procedures depends on the type of skin, for oily / problematic — two / three times a month, for dry it is enough to repeat after five weeks.

Homemade Mustard Face Mask Recipes

Burning spice skincare recipes help whiten skin, cleanse and narrow pores. Active components allow, by removing the upper layer of the epithelium, to increase the synthesis of collagen and elastin. It is effective to use anti-aging therapy in a complex, wrinkles are smoothed out, turgor improves.

Wrinkle mask

Result: after 50 years, one of the most effective procedures for correcting age-related changes, freshness and relieving swelling.

5 gr. mustard powder;
10 ml of lemon juice;
2 ml jojoba oil.

Preparation and method of application: combining the burning spice with citrus juice, spread a thin layer on a cleaned surface. Leave for no more than seven minutes, then wash off the mask with mustard powder and be sure to moisturize with a regenerating emulsion.

Acne mask

Result: for the treatment of acne, the normalization of intracellular processes, it is worth using home recipes.

3 gr. mustard;
5 gr. bodybuilders;
25 drops of pantothenic acid.

Preparation and method of application: grind the sponge into powder, add mustard paste and vitamin. Apply to the steamed surface, only problem areas. Rinse off after five minutes.

Mask for age spots

Result: it helps to get rid of freckles and pigmentation, quickly restores an even tone, polishes the surface of tissues.

2 gr. mustard;
15 gr applesauce;
5 ml peach oil.

Preparation and method of application: prepare apple puree, mix with spice, add stone seed oil. Pre-steam the face with a herbal compress, then apply the finished mass with a thin layer and leave for ten minutes. Use no more than twice a week, before going out must be treated with milk with a high SPF factor.

Black dot mask

Result: to cleanse the skin of comedones, narrow pores and normalize the secretion of glands, it is worth using effective compounds.

3 gr. mustard;
10 gr. activated carbon;
5 gr. milk powder.

Preparation and method of application: crush the coal into powder, add milk powder and spice. Pre-moisten the surface with water, then distribute the product in the T-region with massage movements. After six minutes, you can wash yourself.

Mask for skin whitening

Result: to whiten the skin, it is worth using an effective product at home.

3 gr. mustard;
10 gr. white clay;
15 ml cream;
a pinch of turmeric.

Preparation and method of application: mix kaolin with cream and mustard paste, introduce turmeric. Face clean makeup and distribute the whitening composition along the lines of the lymphatic stream. Ten minutes are enough for the procedure, after removing the residues in the usual way.

Mask for oily skin

Result: for oily and combination skin prone to purulent formations, it is worthwhile to conduct therapeutic caring sessions.

5 gr. mustard;
10 gr. rye flour;
2 ml of lemon juice.

Preparation and method of application: combine mustard powder with lemon juice, introduce flour and dilute with green tea until a homogeneous consistency is obtained. Spread with a spatula, bypassing the eyelids and nasolabial triangle. Seven minutes to complete facial treatment.

Mask for dry skin

Result: effective for saturation with useful elements, to fill the deficit of moisture, lipids and acids, it can protect against the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation.

5 ml mustard oil;
5 gr. rice flour.

Preparation and method of application: grate the fruit through a fine sieve, add rice powder and plant seed oil. Using a spatula, spread over the entire area of ​​the face, enjoy the effect of the spa procedure for about thirty minutes. Then remove the residues with a sponge.

Mustard face masks.


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