Natural medicine.

Useful celandine.

Natural medicine.

For many years I collect material from many sources, both written and oral, to help people, to benefit patients who wish to be treated by environmentally friendly means. I believe in the healing power of herbs, and especially celandine. Natural medicine.

Celandine — a gift from heaven, celandine — is the Russian ginseng, and it cleans the blood, and the body refreshes.

Celandine — a great germicide. From celandine I make medicine. It treats influenza, sore throat, stomach, intestines, liver, helps in the prevention of cancer.

Celandine also has good anti-convulsive effect. This plant provides an excellent antitumor effect, which is necessary to spend treatment celandine. Method — drink a month, a month rest.
Always have to be treated people suffering from benign tumors, uterine fibroids, breast, prostate adenoma, polyps of the stomach, intestines.

Tincture of Celandine should be in every family. Shelf life of 2-3 years.
For the preparation of a medicament mass mince and squeeze through cheesecloth. Next, a glass of juice mixed with a glass of alcohol without sludge (or quality vodka), close the bottle stopper, put in the refrigerator or in a cool place.

The infusion of celandine take on an empty stomach in the morning and evening. First, drink 15 drops for a week, then 30 drops until the end of the month. Pour it in half a cup of green tea (herbal mint, thyme, oregano, St. John’s wort) and milk drink. After 5-7 days of drug usually has a curative action: relieves pain in the liver and the stomach. Normalizes the biliary tract, urinary system cleaned. It is possible to cure for 3 days.

celandine tincture also has beneficial effects on skin diseases. Rid of the rash. It is necessary to repeatedly rub the affected area with cotton wool soaked in this liquid. Eczema cure bath with celandine.

I also harvested celandine juice with no preservatives, into bottles, put in the refrigerator, well stoppered. Daily cap open. The infusion will be ready days through 8. However, the shelf life of the infusion — year because can sour. This infusion treats rheumatism, gout. Sore spot lubricate this juice at the same time take in.

A tablespoon of celandine grass pour a glass of boiling water and put in a water bath for 20-25 minutes — this infusion is used for douching in the morning and in the evening when women’s diseases. Take tincture of herbs 3 times a day for 1/3 cup.

When thrombophlebitis should drink this infusion 2 times a day for half a cup for 10 minutes before a meal, the affected area 5 times a day with an interval of 5 minutes to thoroughly absorbed (as treated and hemorrhoids), lubricate the juice.

With varicose veins, thrombophlebitis at the sore spots are applied fresh or dried leaves of celandine, wrapped in gauze. Previously they scald. Apply three times per day. month course of treatment. At the same time to make a tincture of celandine, ie Juice — 30 drops in milk, milk drink. This gives the best effect.

The neighbor suffered from pain in his heel spurs and corns. I advised applied to the soles of the feet a rag soaked juice of celandine. Leg wrap a plastic bag, top to wear socks, and so to bed all night and in the morning foot hover, scrape, wash and smear cream — 15 celandine juice drops, 15 drops of aloe juice, 15 drops of tincture of pharmacy valerian, a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of butter .

But from shoulder pain and neck too old grandmother’s recipe.
4 of aspirin tablets, 4 tablets shpy, grind and mix with 100 grams of vodka, pour the juice to 30 drops Celandine (or 5 g of iodine). After a light massage with a piece of cotton wool or bandage soaked in this solution, rub the sore spots, the pain will disappear. Yes, we need to insist night this solution.

The adenoids disappear without surgery.
Recipe: instilled into each nostril, 3-4 drops of the juice of celandine, 2 times a day, 2 months, once a year for preventive maintenance to drip for a week.

Who has problems with the spine. The recipe, which helps with osteochondrosis, heel spurs, normalizes blood pressure, contributes to the overall improvement.
Prepare a foot bath: pour into a bowl of hot water, add to it 200 g of salt, 50 grams of baking soda 30 drops Celandine juice (7 drops of iodine). Soar feet in this solution, the procedure to make the evening, no later than 8 hours, then carefully wipe their feet, brush the soles of vegetable oil and massage the feet.
Rare plants as well as celandine, will help to maintain or restore the most precious thing you have, — health.


Natural medicine.

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