Natural treatment for hypertension.

Ancient recipe.

Natural treatment for hypertension.

There is one amazing in its power recipe, came to us from the depths of centuries.

The result: the metabolism improves, the body is cleansed of fat and lime deposits, blood vessels become elastic, sclerosis, heart attack, hypertension is eliminated, head noise, dizziness, vision improves, the whole body is rejuvenated.

Take 100 grams of dried herbs chamomile pharmacy, St. John’s wort, immortelle, birch buds.
Mix everything well and put in a well-washed and dried pot with a tight-fitting lid.

In the evening after not very plentiful supper do the following:
A tablespoon of the mixture pour 2.5 cups of boiling water (no more than 90 °).
Allow to stand in a sealed container for 20 minutes, and then strain through a dense fabric, well pressing out the thick of the infusion.
In a glass of infusion, dilute a teaspoon of honey and drink warm. Do not eat or drink until morning.
The next day, heat up the remaining infusion to 50-60 ° for a couple, dissolve in it a teaspoon of honey and drink on an empty stomach.
You can have breakfast in 20 minutes. And so every day until the dry mixture ends. The course should be repeated after 2-3 years.
Here’s a miracle recipe!


Natural treatment for hypertension.

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